June 2016
Achieving operational stability through technology
As mining company profits continue to be affected by the uncertainty in the global economy, the industry is on a quest for innovation to help increase productivity The mining industry tends to be slow in adopting new technology, but given the state of the industry, change is paramount in order to survive. By employing new technologies used by other industries, mining companies can better manage their businesses and their bottom line. We can learn from the way other industries use Read More
June 2016
The critical role of the mining technology professional
As automation and technology become embedded in mining, the mining technology professional has come of age In 2016, commodity prices have collapsed and the industry is facing tough times. Within mining companies, a fierce internal battle for capital is underway. Australian mining is desperately seeking ways to re-invent itself and remain cost competitive. The ‘third wave’ of cost cutting is now biting deeply (Figure 1), and mining is increasingly turning to re-engineering for solutions, Read More
October 2015
The critical importance of optimising performance
Making the most of new technologies to maximise productivity in the iron ore sector The theme of the recently held Iron Ore 2015 conference was ‘Optimising Performance’, which is particularly relevant at present as new projects and expansions have bedded down after an unprecedented period of major growth and iron ore market conditions have become more volatile.  Over the last 40 years, considerable changes have occurred in the iron ore resources available throughout the world, especially Read More