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April 2019
The miner and his gold: a modern fable
Is the industry missing out on unearthing buried treasure by hoarding their data? In 1999, former CEO of Goldcorp Rob McEwen attended a lecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology about the benefits of employing open source software (Afuah, 2009). Inspired by this framework and the value created by open collaboration, McEwen realised the significant potential for applying this concept in the mining industry. Finding new exploration targets presents a key resources sector Read More
April 2019
AusIMM research reveals challenges for women in mining
AusIMM's latest research shows that despite a shrinking pay gap and more women participating in the industry, there is till a way to go before real equality is achieved A new national women in mining survey conducted by AusIMM has showcased the challenging experiences of women employed in the modern resources industry. The data, launched as part of AusIMM’s International Women’s Day Series in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth dictated that although women’s participation in the industry is Read More
April 2019
Tailings management: learnings and good practice
The devastating failure of the tailings dam at Vale's Córrego do Feijão mine site in Brazil brings into shocking focus a major risk of mining that remains inadequately addressed by many mining companies Tailings dam facilities – large surface impoundments of pulverised rock, water and processing chemicals – present some of the most common and most high-stakes risks to workers, communities and environments in the vicinity of mine sites. Facilities are potentially prone to seepage, which Read More
April 2019
Safety: our most vital resource
As professionals, we all have a responsibility to be safety leaders and to foster a safe workplace for every worker in the resources sector. In the resources sector, leaders have a vital role to play when it comes to making workplaces healthy and safe. And when it comes to safety, leaders exist at all levels of an organisation – and they wield a powerful influence on an organisation’s overall safety culture.  Ensuring employers provide a safe workplace for their people is a big part Read More
April 2019
Seven considerations for aspiring directors
Taking a board role can enhance your career but before becoming a director it's important to fully understand your role and responsibilities Perhaps you are approaching the apex of your executive career in resources and considering a non-executive appointment and future ‘board portfolio’. We counsel many executives in this process, particularly for ASX-listed companies. Here we suggest ‘seven Rs’ to consider before pursuing a board seat. 1. Responsibilities This might seem like an Read More
April 2019
Big miners need to look downstream to find the battery mineral gold
With changes in the energy sector occurring rapidly, Australia needs to step up our pre-processing and electrochemical manufacturing to make the most out of our world-class resources Innovation and technological change is, predictably, getting faster – but has not been anticipated by much of the traditional commodity sectors, including energy. Almost all models for future energy demand have been linear, whereas non-linear, exponential growth has always been the most probable outcome in Read More
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Working offshore – your professional obligations
Members of the AusIMM often travel to foreign countries to undertake work assignments. Each country has its own set of laws and regulations that foreign workers must follow. This article is Indonesia-centric, but in principal applies to all AusIMM members working overseas, even for AusIMM members traveling to Australia to work. Each country’s definitions and regulations often specify what constitutes work or ‘doing business’, and may include simple office meetings, giving a Read More
Federal Budget 2019: overview for resources professionals
The Federal Coalition Government has handed down their final budget before the looming election expected to be called for May. The Government anticipates a budget surplus, underpinned by nearly $8 billion from company tax receipts over the forward estimates, largely supported by the resources industry and increased commodity prices. The government acknowledged the strength in company tax receipts – which are forecast to grow by 10.8 per cent in 2018-19 and 5.5 per cent in 2019-20. The Read More
April 2019
Notice of suspension of AusIMM member
An annual report of 2018 compliance matters was published in the April edition of the Bulletin. This notice relates to a single complaint that resulted in the suspension of an AusIMM member. The complaint related to a Competent Person involved in a case heard and determined in a Supreme Court in May, June, July and August 2017. The Ethics Committee found that a Public Report referred to in the case included a significantly exaggerated coal 2004 JORC Code Exploration Target (albeit Read More
April 2019
President’s Editorial: AusIMM – the peak body for all resources professionals
AusIMM’s role as the peak body for all resources professionals is to uphold the highest standards and to support our members in building their careers, wherever in the world they are working. The importance of maintaining the highest standards in our industry cannot be overstated. Water and waste management is one of the most pressing issues facing the minerals sector and our members have the capacity to overcome these challenges and work towards regaining trust within our communities. Read More
April 2019
CEO’S Editorial: Consolidating our strategy to be the Trusted Voice
AusIMM will this year continue building on the strong foundations put in place over the past 12 months. There are a number of ways we are shaping our story to be more effective and influential.    To solidify our position as the peak body for resources professionals, we are strengthening our relationships with industry, governments and universities. Alongside our international leadership role at GMPA we are growing our local connections, including a new partnership with the Victorian Read More
April 2019
AusIMM annual compliance report 2018
The Professional Conduct and Ethics Committee's report on their work upholding compliance with the AusIMM Code of Ethics and professional codes during 2018 AusIMM promotes the highest professional and ethical standards of its members through a strong focus on professional ethics and best practice implementation of professional codes. Under the AusIMM By-Laws, all AusIMM members are bound by the AusIMM Code of Ethics and other Board approved codes, regulations and directives including Read More
April 2019
How Queensland’s Professional Engineers Act relates to the mining and resources sector
Answers to frequently asked questions from engineers in relation to professional accreditation and registration in the resources sector in Queensland — with important information for all professionals working in mining. The Board of Professional Engineers Queensland (BPEQ) is Queensland’s engineering regulator. BPEQ has administered the PE Act and the Registered Professional Engineer (RPEQ) system since 1930. BPEQ currently registers more than 14 000 engineers from Queensland, interstate Read More
April 2019
Geometallurgy – a cornerstone of whole-of-mine optimisation
When looking to improve results across an operation, a geometallurgical approach can bring significant benefits Geometallurgy may be defined as the integration of geological, geotechnical, mining, metallurgical, environmental and economic information to provide a platform to increase the net present value of a deposit.  Geometallurgy provides benefits including: better control of the comminution characteristics of ore, resulting in less variability of feed to the crushing Read More
April 2019
Liability and your professional reports
An examination of your professional obligations when preparing written reports and other documents AusIMM members are encouraged to use post-nominals as part of their professional title and position. Members will author or co-author many professional documents over the course of their careers. Some of these documents will be specifically written to comply with the Competent Person requirements of the JORC Code, the Practitioner requirements of the VALMIN Code, or similar regulation with Read More
April 2019
Fatigue risk in your operations – real or rubbish?
Is fatigue just a buzz word in occupational health and safety or is it a real phenomenon that is creating safety and organisational risks? Operator fatigue is responsible for significant injuries and losses across many key industry segments. It is one of the most overlooked influences in understanding human error and accident causation. Fatigue is often looked at as a contributing factor with no real solution, rather than a primary causal factor that can be prevented. Within mining Read More
April 2019
Country Snapshot: Canada
One of the world's mining powerhouses, Canada enjoys a prosperous and stable industry that is the envy of many nations around the world Universally known as one of the greatest mining countries in the world, Canada is one of the largest exporters of metals and minerals. Canada is made up of ten provinces and three territories, and has a population of more than 37 million people. Its most populated city is Toronto, with 5 429 000 people, while the capital city, Ottawa, is only the sixth Read More
April 2019
Creating a world-class safety system
Action Drill & Blast's industry-leading safety system, ActionSAFE, is the product of collaborative internal development to create a program that would lead the industry in professionalism and safety. Exceeding Australian industry benchmarks for health and safety across our operations was paramount during the design process. The concept of understanding risk in the workplace, then making commitments and taking action to reduce that risk, is nothing new. What’s challenging, and what’s Read More