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August 2018
People first: mining across the globe
Stephen McIntosh has worked around the world on numerous projects, and now oversees growth and innovation at Rio Tinto from exploration through to closure. He firmly believes that all missing success comes back to a focus on people From the highlands of Papua New Guinea to the heart of Europe, Rio Tinto’s Stephen McIntosh has worked in almost 50 countries throughout his 31-year tenure with the group. ‘I’ve been privileged to work in so many countries during my 31 years with Rio Tinto and Read More
August 2018
Investing in new professionals for success
Thoughts on how we can prepare our new professionals to be leaders of tomorrow I have been working in mining since I moved to Australia and have been acquainted with mining even before then through my alma mater, the Colorado School of Mines. I have been privileged in my opportunities since graduating by being involved in a wide variety of industries such as technology, start-ups, medicine, research and mining. Mining has always been perceived as a more traditional or conservative industry Read More
August 2018
Professional perspectives: technologies, innovations or practices from other industries
We asked four resources professionals: what are some technologies, innovations or practices from other industries that we could be using in mining and metallurgy? Sara Prendergast MAusIMM Senior Manager – Performance Reporting APA, Orica Australia; and Director, AusIMM For our industry to harness and leverage the value available from new technologies and innovations we need to capture the talent and imagination of exceptional people and have the support of our communities. This will Read More
August 2018
From start to finish – improving sustainable development aspects of life-of-mine practices
This article is abridged from the concluding paper in the recent AusIMM Spectrum 24 From Start to Finish: A Life-of-Mine Perspective. The full publication is available from ausimm.com/shop  In this article, we have reviewed historical and current life-of-mine (LOM) practices from a socioeconomic and environmental perspective. We describe what leading LOM practice aspires to be and discuss lessons learned to improve future LOM practice. Historical practice The last 30 years have seen a Read More
August 2018
Educating the next generation of geologists
This is an edited extract of a keynote presentation originally delivered at the Tenth International Mining Geology Conference in 2017 Australia has a long tradition of providing high-quality geoscience programs to prepare graduates for entry to the workforce or undertake further studies. Employment opportunities in the future will be significantly different from those of the past and educational pathways need to provide for this. Geoscience graduates must have highly transferable generic Read More
August 2018
In situ recovery – a move towards ‘keyhole mining’
Acquiring the minerals needed for modern society requires significant investment and effort. In situ recovery is one approach that could reduce or eliminate the inherent expensive challenges of conventional processing Human demand for travel; metal structures and their accompanying heating, cooling and lighting; and the luxury (or rather, necessity) of mobile phones and laptops has contributed to the estimated consumption of almost half a million kilograms of rocks, metals, and fuels per Read More
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WIMnet Conference Grant recipient report – 2018 Mine Waste and Tailings Conference
WIMNet Conference Grant recipient Di Liu describes her experience at the recent AusIMM Mine Waste and Tailings Conference. As a successful recipient of the WIMnet Conference Grant for the AusIMM Mine Waste and Tailings Conference, July 2018, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the grant, the AusIMM WIMnet, and the conference organising committee. From attending and presenting at the conference, I found it is a great opportunity and experience to share the research Read More
Global Mining Leaders keynote speaker highlight: Ric Gros
[caption id="attachment_13959" align="alignright" width="300"] Ric Gros.[/caption] METS Ignited CEO Ric Gros will feature during the highly anticipated Global Mining Leaders conference Day 2 session 'How to benefit from technological disruption'. Ric has more than 30 years' experience in senior leadership roles across mining equipment, mineral processing, infrastructure, construction, B2B industrial, fast-moving consumer goods and global supply chains. Ric’s career has included Read More
Global Mining Leaders keynote speaker highlight: Nick Holland
[caption id="attachment_13957" align="alignright" width="300"] Nick Holland.[/caption] Nick Holland, Gold Fields CEO, will feature on day 2 of the Global Mining Leaders conference. Gold Fields Limited is a globally diversified gold producer with seven operating mines in Australia, Ghana, Peru and South Africa, and a total attributable annual gold-equivalent production of approximately 2.2 million ounces. Under Nick the company has introduced its vision of 'Being the global leader Read More
Global Mining Leaders keynote speaker highlight: Tony O’Neill
[caption id="attachment_13961" align="alignright" width="300"] Tony O'Neill[/caption] Hear from Tony O’Neill, Group Director – Technical, Anglo American on day 2 of the Global Mining Leaders conference about how to benefit from technological disruption. The Anglo American Group operates a portfolio of high quality and long-life resource assets through innovative practices and technologies. They have mining operations in southern Africa, North and South America and Australia. Tony Read More
Global Mining Leaders keynote speaker highlight: Rowena Smith
In the modern operating environment, it is imperative that mining companies are socially and environmentally responsible. [caption id="attachment_13963" align="alignright" width="237"] Rowena Smith.[/caption] Rowena Smith, South32's Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), will share her insights on the importance of trust for competitive advantage during Session 2 of AusIMM's Global Mining Leaders conference. South 32 are a global resources company, listed on three continents and with Read More
August 2018
AusIMM Trusted Voice update
AusIMM's Future Directions strategy sets out our plan to re-establish the AusIMM to be a more contemporary, financially sustainable organisation with a stronger external profile. The strategy is underpinned by five key growth initiatives. These key initiatives were initially informed by feedback from Congress 2017, and since that time have been shaped into our Future Directions strategy. One of the initiatives is for AusIMM to be the Trusted Voice of resources professionals. AusIMM is Read More
August 2018
Book review: Mandarins & Mavericks – Remembering Western Mining 1933-2005
An insight into 'the University of WMC' [caption id="attachment_13602" align="alignright" width="271"] Mandarins & Mavericks: Remembering Western Mining 1933-2005.[/caption] Mandarins & Mavericks – Remembering Western Mining 1933-2005 tells a great Australian story. Written by respected author and journalist Martin Summons, this is a book about people, their visions, their many successes and the odd hiccup – which is inevitable when you factor in human frailty, luck, commodity Read More
August 2018
One hundred years of Australian copper smelting 1917-2017
The year 1917 was a watershed for Australian copper mining and particularly for copper smelting. Prior to this time many copper mines were equipped with an on-site smelter, into which high-grade copper ore or a gravity copper concentrate were fed to produce a copper matte (with 40 per cent copper) for subsequent converting to blister copper (99 per cent copper) and refining at centralised copper refineries in Australia or overseas. During the early 1900s several on-site smelters were Read More
August 2018
Funding boost helps CEEC advance energy efficient mining
Comminution is energy-intensive and accounts for a large percentage of a mine's operating costs. A new injection of funding from METS Ignited and the Queensland Government will help CEEC enhance global energy curves tools and deliver increased value across the sector A one-off injection of funds is set to support mining and mining equipment, technology and services (METS) companies to drive more sustainable and productive mining practices. The new $469 000, three-year CEEC Advanced Read More
August 2018
Sensor-based ore sorting to maximise profit in a gold operation
This is an extract of a paper originally published in the MetPlant 2017 conference proceedings. The full paper can be purchased online via ausimm.com/shop Abstract Sensor-based ore sorting is being increasingly used to reduce the amount of low-grade and waste material processed in mineral concentrators. This type of preconcentration provides bottom-line benefits to users by reducing the amount of energy, water and consumables, as well as reducing capital cost. Existing operations can Read More
August 2018
Book review: Geopeko – A successful Australian mineral explorer
[caption id="attachment_13608" align="alignright" width="247"] Geopeko: A successful Australian Mineral Explorer.[/caption] Edited by Brian Williams and Rob Ryan This book is an extremely valuable addition to the scant literature on the difficult subject of how to find mineral deposits. For anyone seeking the pathway to mineral discovery, this book is their field guide to success. Geopeko was an outstandingly successful minerals explorer. The book describes the perfect conditions for Read More
August 2018
President’s editorial: A more inclusive AusIMM
As AusIMM members, our communities look to us to uphold the highest professional standards, from the Codes we apply in our work to the way we treat each other. Our Board is committed to AusIMM being a more inclusive and welcoming organisation – not only because this is aligned to our own Code of Ethics but because we believe we will be a more effective organisation, and in turn will provide leadership across the broader industry. I am extremely proud to be leading an organisation that is Read More