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February 2018
Groundwater insight – a critical resource
Although groundwater is an essential component of the production cycle at most mines in Australia, demonstrating the viability of a water source is often seen as a ‘regulatory tick box’ rather than a critical factor in the feasibility of a project At least one quarter of mining projects in Australia encounter some type of groundwater challenge. As a mining hydrogeologist, I’ve seen projects go under as a result of having too much or too little water, or water that is contaminated. In Read More
February 2018
Modern collaboration apps for resources professionals
There are a number of collaboration apps that can make managing and working on large and remote projects – such as those found in the resources sector – much easier. What are some of the features to look out for, and the common pitfalls to avoid? What are modern collaboration apps? Modern collaboration applications (apps) are various types of software intended to bring a team onto the same page and make it easy to tell whether they are on schedule or not. History provides us with Read More
February 2018
Getting more from your drone: superpowers for onsite and offsite decision-makers
Drone technology is providing mining companies with an array of benefits that can improve health and safety, collaboration and productivity While the mining industry is often accused of being slow to adopt a new technology, that can’t be said about drones. Mines are using drones more frequently and across a wider range of applications than many other industries. From managing inventory and monitoring road construction, to tracking strip campaigns and tailings dams, drone-based survey Read More
February 2018
The future of mining and renewables
Examining the emerging landscape of renewables and how the Australian resources industry is set to transition towards sustainability The mining sector currently contributes around eight per cent to Australia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and employs around two per cent of the workforce. It is also Australia’s largest export sector, representing over 50 per cent of Australia’s total export earnings with iron ore, coal and liquefied natural gas representing the largest exports by value. Read More
February 2018
A brief reflection on geoscience ethics codes
Ethics codes are an important tool that help reassure the public of the expertise and integrity of professionals. While the AusIMM represents resources professionals from all disciplines, this article looks at the importance of ethics codes for geoscientists. Professional organisations representing geoscientists, including those founded in the 19th century like AusIMM, generally have membership requirements that include some stated amount of professional education and perhaps experience. Read More
February 2018
Ten warning signs when monitoring your processing equipment
An overview of common indicators that highlight potential areas for improvement in processing equipment monitoring and maintenance The efficiency and reliability of your processing equipment is inseparable from your bottom line. Regardless of the size of your mining operation, the inevitable and excessive costs incurred from equipment that hasn’t been properly maintained can seriously threaten your balance sheet, as well as the health and safety of workers and the surrounding Read More
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February 2018
Compass management – a leadership methodology
To lead, inspire and motivate others effectively, it is important to understand that each person you interact with is an individual with their own story to tell Compass management is a leadership methodology used to cover the complexities of building and managing stratified relationships within a work environment. This methodology is the result of reflection, observations and research undertaken during my own leadership journey, and will hopefully provide some guidance for someone at Read More
February 2018
Book Review: Mining in the Asia-Pacific: Risks, Challenges and Opportunities
Edited by Terry O’Callaghan and Geordan Graetz My first impression from looking at the author list of this book was that it was very academic, and I thought ‘where are the contributions from real-world mining engineers, geotechnical engineers, geologists and metallurgists?’ However, I found the majority of the book a decent compilation of well-referenced research, and below I give a brief account of the sections that particularly piqued my interest. The book starts with a candid Read More
AusIMM announces major partnership with Rio Tinto
AusIMM is pleased to announce a major global partnership with Rio Tinto – one of the world’s leading resources companies. The partnership was confirmed at a signing ceremony at AusIMM offices in Melbourne on Monday 12 February. AusIMM is a member-based professional association that is celebrating our 125 year anniversary in 2018. Our history encompasses 125 years of technical excellence, upholding professional standards and bringing together highly-skilled professionals across the Read More
Top ten most-read online AusIMM Bulletin articles published in 2017
The following articles from our diverse and expert contributors topped the AusIMM Bulletin website's most-read list in 2017. 'The mining industry disrupted' by Gavin Yeates FAusIMM(CP) 'The ABC of Mine to Mill and metal price cycles' P Cameron, D Drinkwater MAusIMM and J Pease FAusIMM 'Social performance – a new professional discipline' Bruce Harvey MAusIMM 'Autonomous haulage systems – the business case' R Price MAusIMM 'The neuroscience of personal safety' Cristian Read More
Southern Qld Student Chapter Graduation Dinner
In celebration of our most recent cohort of graduates, the AusIMM Southern Queensland Student Chapter (SQSC) recently hosted our inaugural Graduation Dinner in Brisbane on November 19, 2017. The event was held in conjunction with the AusIMM New Professionals Network (NPN) and the University of Queensland Mining and Metallurgy Association. It drew together 50 young professionals from mining, metallurgical and chemical engineering, geology and commerce/ finance disciplines – all with hopes Read More
AusIMM Melbourne Branch works to inspire careers in mining and resources
AusIMM Melbourne Branch supports Earth Ed program in Victoria Earth Ed is one of six discipline-focused, Government-established specialty science and mathematics education centres that deliver engaging and innovative curriculum to all Victorian schools. Students in late secondary school are difficult to engage with STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) if the seed has not been sown while they are in middle school (upper primary to lower secondary). Earth Ed creates Read More
2018 Australia Day Honours
AusIMM is proud to honour the significant achievements and contributions that have led to four of our members receiving Australia Day Honours on 26 January. We are privileged to have been involved in validation of the contributions of some of these outstanding Australians and are proud to see the work of our members and industry leaders acknowledged in this auspicious forum. Recipients include: Officers (AO) in the General Division Professor Hugh Lucius DAVIES FAusIMM Deakin ACT Read More
Welcome to our 125 AusIMM Anniversary Year
A happy new year to all of our members and supporters. As we enter the AusIMM’s 125th anniversary year, I would like to set out some of the exciting things we have planned as we look to celebrate with our members this incredible milestone. Our plans throughout the year will leverage the work we have been doing at the AusIMM to re-establish ourselves as a more contemporary, financially sustainable organisation with a stronger external brand. The past year has been a successful Read More
Castle Hill Blackstone Reserve, Blackstone, Queensland
Bypassed by the nearby Cunningham Highway and 5 km removed from the central business district of Ipswich, the suburb of Blackstone in Queensland today reveals little of its past industrial significance for the Queensland coal mining industry. But the topographic landmark of the suburb, now known as Castle Hill, hides evidence of an industrial and social heritage that is being showcased through the development of a new multi-use heritage park – the Castle Hill Blackstone Reserve (Figure Read More
AusIMM New Professionals Network 2017 Technology and Innovation Flagship Networking Event
On 24 November the AusIMM NPN proudly hosted their Technology and Innovation Flagship Networking Event that was kindly supported by BHP and Dassault Systemes. The event was sold out and well attended by over eighty people of diverse backgrounds and career stages from more than thirty different organisations. The event was held on the top floor of the iconic BHP building in Perth and the views and atmosphere did not disappoint with a fantastic skyline and sunset providing the backdrop for Read More
AusIMM New Professionals Network and Canberra Student Chapter event
On 27 October the AusIMM Canberra Student Chapter and Australian National University (ANU) hosted two ANU alumni, Elliot Kahn (an AusIMM NPN Committee member) and Alex Waters, to given a series of talks and practical sessions that covered the role of geosciences throughout the mining value chain. Elliot and Alex drew on their experiences having worked respectively for BHP and Gold Fields in both open pit and underground operations and exploration, allowing them to provide a balanced Read More
Digital content for MinSoc members
In its continual focus on how to best serve its members, the AusIMM is developing platforms for improved delivery of digital content. Where historically options have been limited by issues such as bandwidth, the quality and method of delivery to most geographical locations has now increased considerably.  AusIMM currently delivers webinars, both live and recorded as well as recorded technical meetings and conference presentations. While AusIMM is developing more convenient platforms for Read More