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Q&A: maintaining best practice during the COVID-19 pandemic
Jo Mackenzie. Jo Mackenzie, General Manager of Operations and Maintenance at Ausenco, sat down with the AusIMM Bulletin to discuss how she and her team have responded to the changes in work practices in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.   As a process engineer with more than 20 years’ experience, you are used to working under pressure and dealing with the unexpected. How have you been able to put your problem-solving skills into action when responding to COVID-19, and ensuring Read More
Mineral exploration during COVID-19
Exploration is essential to the future of mining, but it is also one of the most easily disrupted activities, especially in times of uncertainty. Can – and will – the mining industry continue to explore during and after the COVID-19 pandemic? Aside from wars, COVID-19 is the most monumental disruption to the global economy during the modern industrial era. The mining industry is currently reacting to reduced demand for most mineral commodities, as well as dealing with the physical Read More
Adapting to COVID-19: eight key areas for mining leaders
In just three short months with the onset of COVID-19, the mining sector has needed to redefine its principal risks. Leaders have refocused to ensure the health and safety of their workforce and the ongoing stability of their operations. When KPMG closed its annual Global Mining Risk survey of executives just a quarter ago, ‘pandemic’ was not identified as a risk. Back then, the top risks included commodity price risk, access to capital, community relations, and a global trade Read More
Industry research shows how COVID-19 is impacting the resources sector
Researchers at State of Play have surveyed almost 200 global mining leaders, gathering valuable data on industry reactions and responses to the pandemic to date. The current COVID-19 pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on global commerce, including the resources sector. Physical restrictions on movement of people and goods has disrupted supply chains essential to the ongoing operability of many mining businesses, while dramatically reduced customer demand is undermining their Read More
The future of compliance and skills monitoring in the resources sector
Safety, mobility and compliance are non-negotiables for today’s working environment, especially in the resources sector. One thing is certain – change is happening faster and it’s more complex and far-reaching than ever. How can the industry leverage new ways of thinking to make compliance and skills oversight more efficient? Overview The burgeoning mobility of the workforce and its complex regulation has increased the burden of workforce compliance management in most employment Read More
AusIMM Women in Mining Survey 2020
Executive summary This report on the AusIMM Women in Mining Survey 2020 provides data, analysis and insights from the leading survey of women’s participation in the resources sector, with a focus on the Australasian region. The report offers industry, governments and professionals an evidence base upon which to build future efforts to continue creating a welcoming, inclusive environment for all women in resources. Findings are instructive for initiatives at the whole-of-industry, Read More
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Australian resources sector shows resilience despite COVID-19 pandemic
The latest trade figures have again revealed the importance of the resources sector to the Australian economy as we deal with the global downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Minister for Resources, Water and Northern Australia, Keith Pitt, said the sector has shown resilience in a very challenging period. Keith Pitt. 'Total resources and energy exports in the four weeks to April are up by 1.4 per cent on the same period last year to $92.1 billion, which is a remarkable Read More
The survival of the resources sector through and beyond the COVID-19 crisis
An exploratory article that examines the resources sector’s likely approach to the COVID-19 crisis and examines options for economic harm minimisation and future growth Introduction The education and training of professionals, lower management and technicians and thence the retention of those people by the resources sector through their productive lives is a necessary goal for the industry. Likewise the training and retention of unskilled personnel who through the workplace (and Read More
AusIMM’s #LocalLegend campaign highlights those making a difference in the resources sector
In March 2020, AusIMM launched its #LocalLegend social media campaign to highlight people working in the resources sector who are making a difference in their community. We've now featured nine #LocalLegends from around the world - read their stories below. Know somebody who deserves a shout out? Nominate a #LocalLegend today. Viv Naidu Alfredo Quiroz Laura Moore William Shackleton Gamini Senanayake Adrian McIlveen Tony Sprague Read More
AusIMM’s 2021 Awards: nominations open
AusIMM Awards have been recognising professional excellence and celebrating outstanding contributions and leadership to the resources industry for more than 80 years. First awarded in 1935, AusIMM Awards play an important role in the industry by celebrating professional excellence and highlighting the highest standards. Nominations are now open for the 2021 Awards. Visit the AusIMM website for more information and to nominate someone today. Or find out more about recent award Read More
Technical gaps and future capacity requirements for consultants/service providers in the field of mine closure
A survey of ICMM members shows that consultants and service providers are well placed to support the industry across different areas of mine closure. However, ongoing engagement between the industry, consultants and support services is required to make the most of this opportunity and deliver meaningful outcomes. Planned mine closures around the world are expected to increase over the next decade, offering a unique opportunity to improve performance (Figure 1). The industry has Read More
‘Challenging the Norms’: Time Usage Model – Mobile Underground Mining Equipment
This is an executive summary of a longer white paper, which can be downloaded here. Over the last 40 years, Time Usage Models have been used as a basis for calculating performance indicators for mobile mining equipment and have developed from very simple to very sophisticated models.  This development has paralleled the increased collection and analysis of production data that itself has been enabled by the evolution of underground voice and data communications along with the Read More
Managing mental health during COVID-19
On 7 April 2020 AusIMM hosted a COVID-19 webinar entitled Resources Sector Update: an OHS Perspective. Mental health was mentioned numerous times throughout the webinar with a consensus that the industry needs to increase their focus on managing mental health in the current climate. There have been dramatic changes to many aspects of our lives. For most, our work and social situations have changed changed drastically, both of which has caused a collective anxiety across the world. Read More
AusIMM launches Digital Discovery Series
As the peak body leading the way for people in resources, AusIMM has recommitted itself to supporting industry during the COVID-19 pandemic by launching its online Digital Discovery Series. The series will support industry professionals, including those practising social distancing, by providing important online professional development opportunities on a range of topics through expert webinars, videos, audio content as well as informative articles and publications. With a focus on Read More
Mining to help South Australian economy weather COVID-19 storm
South Australia’s mining sector is well placed to play a crucial role in helping the state’s economy off the floor at the conclusion of the COVID-19 crisis. According to figures from the South Australian Chamber of Mining and Energy, royalties paid to the state government are projected to reach $325 million for the 2019-20 financial year, up from $299 million the previous financial year and $207 million in 2015-16. Jobs in the sector have also grown to reach 27 200 direct and Read More
Book review: Sludge – Disaster on Victoria’s Goldfields
Book by Susan Lawrence and Peter Davies What was the environmental impact of historical gold mining on Victoria’s rivers? This is the question that Sludge answers, a book born out of an Australian Research Council-funded academic collaboration between researchers from the disciplines of industrial archaeology, history, geomorphology and environmental chemistry. While there is a plethora of published works on the mining history of Victoria, these largely focus on the economic, Read More
Book review: Posting to Mongolia – A Personal Perspective
Book by Andrew Cuthbertson Committee members of the AusIMM Social & Environment Society were recently offered the opportunity to review a book written by Andrew Cuthbertson titled: Posting to Mongolia – A Personal Perspective. I jumped at the chance to relive my own three years living in Mongolia. I naively thought the review would be a quick fact-check to make sure that the author had reported on more than the shenanigans of expats in country, and managed to account for the Read More
In-house renewable energy could be a boon for South African mines
Exploring the opportunities afforded by mine sites generating at least some of their own power, with a particular focus on the potential in South Africa With their recent profitability buoyed by price improvements in certain commodities, some South African miners may consider investing part of their windfall gains to create their own renewable energy generating capacity. Encouraging comments by the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Gwede Mantashe, at February’s Mining Indaba Read More