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October 2017
‘Stop. Think … Act’ – PwC’s Mine 2017   report
PwC’s latest mining report looks at the performance of the Top 40 companies during 2016, and discusses what might be in store for the future Recovering from 2015’s race to the bottom, the world’s Top 40 mining companies paused and drew breath in 2016. Rapidly rising commodity prices promised a way forward and the valuations of the Top 40 responded. But valuations aside, there is little to suggest that the Top 40 made any substantial advances throughout the year, according to PwC’s Read More
October 2017
Mining in the cloud: disruptive innovation
How will the next generation of mining software be delivered? Mining has historically been a conservative industry – slow to adopt new technology, and slow to change. The more recent mining super cycle exit has seen an enormous push (through necessity) to squeeze every last piece of productivity out of incumbent assets. But there is only so far that this approach can go, and incremental productivity gain is not going to move the needle now. The mining industry is ripe for disruption, Read More
October 2017
Exploring the future of work in the resources sector
Examining the factors that will shape the resources sector of tomorrow, and how mining companies and professionals might evolve to meet the opportunities of the new environment While we cannot rely on the past to predict the future of the resources sector, it is helpful to consider trends in the journey so far. A useful starting question that those who make their living in the Australian mining sector might ask is: why do the Swedes lead us in the global equipment sector? Australia, Read More
October 2017
What’s the most effective method for getting a job in the mining industry?
Mining industry recruitment has changed in the past decade, and will likely continue to do so. This article examines the way resources professionals look for work. There are a number of preconceived ideas about the best method for finding a job in the mining industry. Most of us, if asked, would probably recommend whatever has worked for us in the past. But your experience is not necessarily the same as the next person. What works for you, at your level or in your discipline, might Read More
October 2017
National Safe Work Month: building safety culture and awareness
By sharing safety knowledge and experience, professionals in the resources sector can have a positive impact on the safety culture of their own workplaces October is National Safe Work Month and Safe Work Australia has launched a national campaign to improve public awareness of work safety and promote the development of strong safety culture in workplaces across all industries (Safe Work Australia, 2017). The theme for the campaign is ‘sharing safety knowledge and experience benefits Read More
October 2017
Drilling advances in underground coal
Advancements in drilling technology have the potential to deliver large economic gains to the mining industry As innovation improves most areas of the mining process, drilling technology is not immune. With the development of GPS, wireless communications, sensors, real-time data and autonomous equipment, drilling technology is evolving to meet the needs of the industry. Mining3 continues to provide a range of capabilities in drilling technologies that are further enhanced by our Read More
Recent Articles

Exciting scholarship opportunity for female members in WA
In a joint partnership with the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), AusIMM is thrilled to announce we are offering three places for senior executive women from Western Australia who are AusIMM members to take part in the Director Pipeline Program (DPP) in 2018. The DPP is an initiative of the AICD and is designed to create a cohort of highly networked 'board-ready' executive women who are suitable candidates for board roles. AusIMM is committed to building diversity and Read More
UNEP flyer on Mine Tailings
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has released a flyer regarding the Rapid Response Assessment (RRA) undertaken about Mine Tailings Storage. UNEP has provided two recommendations regarding this issue and has 'suggested a range of policy actions aimed at catalysing the change needed to ensure tailings dam safety. These actions stem from the first recommendation - the mining industry's acknowledged priority of Safety First.' This is an interesting article and worthwhile Read More
13th AusIMM Underground Operators Conference, Gold Coast, 16-18 October 2017
The 13th AusIMM Underground Operators Conference (UGOPS) was held at The Star Hotel and Casino on the Gold Coast from 16-18 October 2017 and celebrated the 40th anniversary since the first event was held in Broken Hill on 17-18 October 1977. As a fitting celebration of the birth of what has become a flagship and 'not to be missed' event on the AusIMM calendar, the recent UGOPS was the largest AusIMM conference in any discipline to date. Its 795 registrations exceeded the previous Read More
October 2017
The neuroscience of personal safety
Using the brain as personal protective equipment Why do so many people still get hurt at work even though we do so much to try and keep them safe? For instance, it is estimated that workplace incidents cost the Australian economy $60.6 billion per year, representing 4.8 per cent of GDP in the 2008-09 period (Safe Work Australia, 2015). Most organisations think of safety in terms of hazards/risks/controls; the worker’s knowledge; and their ability to make deliberate choices with safety Read More
October 2017
Putting METS under the microscope
Australia’s resources industry is world-renowned for its size, scope and competitiveness. METS Ignited – an industry-led growth centre supported by the Australian Government – recently completed research into the significant contribution made by the mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector. The results have demonstrated that the Australian METS sector is a powerhouse. In the past ten years, Australia has seen an unprecedented increase in mining capacity. On the back of Read More
October 2017
Mine productivity improvement by numbers
Mining companies now have the opportunity to gather vast amounts of operational data, but productivity improvements will only be seen if the data is managed and acted upon correctly Technology has transformed mines. It is said that 90 per cent of all data in use today was generated in the past two years. Some mines now have the ability to collect real-time data, operate remotely and receive information to make timely decisions; others generate and collect all the data at their disposal Read More
PhD project in restoration engineering for large-scale land rehabilitation
This PhD project is part of a 4-year, federally-funded Global Innovation Linkage (GIL) project 'Eco-engineering solutions to improve mine-site rehabilitation outcomes'. The GIL project is a research partnership between the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (Kings Park, Perth), The University of Western Australia, three domestic industry partners and three partners in the United States of America. Amount: $35000 per annum tax free scholarship Location: UWA, Perth, Western Read More
Notes from the MetSoc Chair
Hi all, and welcome to our Q4 edition of the AusIMM Metallurgical Society (MetSoc) newsletter. It’s coming to you a little later than planned as we’ve all had our hands full since the last edition. I hope this update gives you some appreciation of what we’ve been spending our time on. September saw the AusIMM MetPlant conference held in Perth and you can read Janine Herzig’s overview here of what was an excellent event with a number of high quality papers, presentations and panel Read More
John Bruno ‘JJ’ Jakobson 1948-2017
With sadness and disbelief we are bidding farewell to John Jakobson, who passed away after a long battle with cancer. [caption id="attachment_11841" align="alignleft" width="229"] John Jakobson.[/caption] He was a consummate professional and a dear man. The Australian iron ore industry and the community of Newman would have been very different without his immense contribution and grand personality. John Jakobson, famously known in the Pilbara as 'JJ', has made an unprecedented Read More
October 2017
Drill and blast: contractors need to have it covered
Delivering better service to mining operations means that contractors must be innovative in their approach to each project, rather than providing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ service For contractors, today’s market conditions necessitate an innovative approach. Drill and blast is an integral part of the mining cycle with the potential to significantly impact mine profitability. Finding ways to deliver a better service and providing mining operations with peace of mind matters. From the broad Read More
October 2017
Managed aquifer recharge and mine water management
Could managed aquifer recharge be an answer to mine water management challenges? Water management strategies are becoming increasingly important in mine planning as greater burdens are placed on supplies. A lack of process water may be a major hindrance to site activities, whereas surplus water produced as a by-product needs to be managed appropriately to minimise the impact on the receiving environment. Managed aquifer recharge (MAR) is one method that can be used to accomplish this. Read More
MetFest Kalgoorlie: 17-20 October 2017
The inaugural Kalgoorlie Branch’s MetFest is happening! Kalgoorlie is hosting a four-day long program from Tuesday 17 October to Friday 20 October 2017. Thanks to our many sponsors, the majority of events are free to AusIMM members or otherwise at a significant discount. The Kalgoorlie MetFest opens with the option of one of two two-day training courses on Tuesday 17 to Wednesday 18 October. WASM-CRC ORE are providing the 'WASM Gold Operators Course', and Curtin Gold Technology Read More