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June 2017
Can connected mining be used to avert the next mining crash?
How companies can navigate the difficult phases of the mining cycle and create sustainable profitability 'Connected mining’ is gaining momentum in the mining industry. Many of the major players are either implementing it, or talking about it. It sounds simple, but finding a sustainable and systematic way of connecting the face to the market and responding appropriately has proven elusive to many. Successfully implementing connected mining could represent a revolution in the way a mining Read More
June 2017
Innovation: State of Play – iron ore insights
This is an excerpt from a paper to be presented at Iron Ore 2017, which will be held in Perth from 24-26 July. Visit the Iron Ore 2017 website for more details on the conference program and registration. Innovation: State of Play was initiated three years ago by VCI in partnership with the University of Western Australia. The ambition was to create a ‘think tank’ type platform to support industry discussion on performance in terms of innovation at a strategic level, what needs to change Read More
June 2017
Iron ore classification and the future of resource development
The AusIMM and CSIRO are co-hosting the Iron Ore 2017 conference, which is being held in Perth from 24-26 July. Visit the Iron Ore 2017 website for more details on the conference program and registration. The ability to accurately predict the downstream processing performance of any given orebody is crucial for resource evaluation, development decision-making, and maximising output. However, without an ore textural classification scheme and an appropriately characterised resource, Read More
June 2017
Keeping pace with the cycle – from ‘on plan’ construction to ‘efficient’ production
Instilling the skills and operational mindset to meet the new production-focused environment in the mining industry Switching gears through the mining super cycle requires new thinking and skills As mining companies move from the construction phase to the production phase of the commodity super cycle, management teams must ensure their organisations’ skills and focus are geared toward delivering the right outcomes. From 2003 to 2015, most mining companies focused on the expansion of Read More
June 2017
President’s Editorial: Embedding inclusion in our work practices
Following a period of strong economic headwinds, there are signs that the mining industry may be returning to a period of growth. According to employment website SEEK, the number of mining and resources roles advertised in the three months to April is 70 per cent higher than the same period in 2016. IPOs are also up on the previous year, and EY has reported a rebound in purchases of heavy mining equipment. As cautious optimism returns to our industry, there will likewise be greater Read More
June 2017
How miners can improve water management
Water management is one of the most significant issues facing mining companies – what is the best approach to ensure sustainable and efficient operations? Contemporary water management is much more than simply complying with regulatory requirements. Miners need to take a new approach based on sustainable water management practices to improve efficiency and earn a social licence to operate. The need for this is readily apparent, when considering that water security is one of the Read More
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June 2017
The positive impact of registered professionals
Registration is fundamental to being a professional and is beneficial and necessary to protect the public, maintain public confidence and uphold standards of practice Professional registration – be it for doctors, lawyers or engineers – is something sure to provoke debate amongst the individuals working within that profession. Some feel the registration of professionals is essential, while others see it as a bureaucratic burden. It is my ardent belief that registration is fundamental to Read More
WIMnet Conference Grant recipient report – Minesafe International Conference 2017
Early in May I had the opportunity to attend the Minesafe International 2017 conference in Perth, Western Australia. [caption id="attachment_10843" align="alignleft" width="246"] Carole James.[/caption] The conference is designed to ensure that health and safety within the minerals industry remains a key component of the industry, with an ever-increasing position of awareness. I was honoured to receive an AusIMM Women in Mining Network (AusIMM WIMnet) Award to enable my attendance at Read More
Highlights from the WIMnetSA and WinRSA 2017 Mentoring Program
The joint Women in Mining Network South Australia (WIMnetSA) and Women in Resources South Australia (WinRSA) 2017 Mentoring Program was launched on 3 May this year. A program launch event was held for participants to catch up with their mentoring partner, build their professional network, and learn about the outcomes from previous programs. This is the third year that WIMnetSA and WinRSA have worked in partnership to successfully deliver this mentoring program. The event was well Read More
June 2017
Micro-tendering in the mining industry
A new way for mining professionals and companies to approach the jobs and services market By breaking down large mining projects into small, task-based parcels of work, skilled mining workers can competitively bid to undertake each task. This process is called ‘micro-tendering’ and I believe it is an important part of the future workforce. The technology stems from eCommerce trading and online dating platforms. In simple terms, micro-tendering uses Software as a Service (SaaS) Read More
June 2017
Water and Mining: engaging with long-term management arrangements
Ensuring sustainable and fair water management policies for all stakeholders, including the mining industry The mining industry is of critical importance to Australia’s economy; so too are water management practices that will provide long-term certainty for users, including industry. The Australian and state and territory governments have been working closely with the mining industry to better align water management with enhanced investor certainty and community expectations. The Read More
June 2017
Tackling challenges to unlock value: smart comminution
Efficient comminution is vital to help mining companies reduce risk and increase the value of their operations Is your project future-proof? Investors and regulators support projects that deliver value, have an acceptable risk profile and a social licence to operate. How could energy price and security impact these factors? Comminution is usually the largest consumer of energy on hard rock mine sites and is therefore one topic very much in the energy spotlight. This article highlights Read More
Oxfam Mining Symposium report
This year’s Oxfam Mining Symposium, titled ‘Sustainable Mining: Putting Gender on the Agenda’, was held at the Melbourne Business School on 21 April 2017. The symposium provided an opportunity for attendees to discuss how to effectively consider gender-specific impacts surrounding extractive projects, as well as an opportunity for industry representatives to share their current social development projects that have a gender-specific focus. Approximately 60 representatives from NGOs, Read More
Gold17 conference report
Attended by participants from academia, industry, research organisations and government, Gold17 was a conference in which around 35 papers were presented on the theme of gold, including papers examining epithermal mineralisation, circum-Pacific mineralisation, mineralisation processes, structure and geophysics, orogenic mineralisation and alteration. The conference continued a regular series of gold events that commenced with Gold82 in Zimbabwe and was followed by conferences in southern Read More
AusIMM WIMnet Victoria update
It’s been a busy first half of the year with many successful events so far. In May 2017, AusIMM WIMnet Victoria collaborated with EY to host a breakfast panel discussion lead by Tracey Waring, EY Global IFRS Mining and Metals Leader to explore the topic 'Has Mining discovered its next great resource?'. The breakfast was extremely well attended and the panel included Jane Michie, Head of Group Tax at BHP Billiton, Professor Robert Wood, Director of Centre for Ethical Leadership at Ormond Read More
Notes from the MetSoc Chair
Hi all, this is a quick note to introduce you to our second edition of the AusIMM Metallurgical Society (MetSoc) newsletter for 2017, and to give a brief update of some of the things we’ve been up to. You’ll see the update from Bianca Newcombe on the 2017 MetFest events in Kalgoorlie and Parkes, as well as the status update on the 2017 Delprat Distinguished Lecture Series. Planning for these events is progressing well and we are very pleased to have Rob Dunne as our 2017 Delprat lecturer Read More
AusIMM WIMnet NSW successfully launches third industry mentoring program
Following the success of their previous two mentoring programs, the AusIMM WIMnet NSW committee launched its 2017 mentoring program last month with 37 mentees matched with mentors. The aim of the 2017 WIMnet NSW mentoring program is to develop a structured, sustainable mentoring process that supports mentees through career guidance and direction by sharing mentor/mentee experiences, developing goals and forging exceptional mentoring relationships beyond the program’s Read More
Minesafe International 2017 conference
The Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre hosted the Minesafe International 2017 conference from 1-2 May 2017. 181 attendees gathered to share the experiences, research and practice relating to health and safety in the resource industry. Minesafe International was a reincarnation of similar conferences held in the past, this time under the AusIMM conference banner. The 2017 conference was the inaugural conference of a new series to be held every two years. The conference papers were Read More