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June 2019
The past, present and future of exploration funding
Most of the discoveries of the last 20 years have been stock market-funded. But is the model sustainable, and is there a better way? Exploration is essential to the mining industry – if you don’t find, you can’t mine. Aside from the necessity for exploration, discoveries of mineral deposits can also generate immense wealth, so there is ample incentive to explore.  Even so, exploration is costly and risky, which makes funding for exploration a specialist endeavour. It makes sense Read More
June 2019
Country snapshot: Finland
Perched at the extremes of Northern Europe, Finland is continually contributing to the resources industry and fast becoming a force in many aspects of modern life. Known as one of the five traditional Nordic countries and located in the north of Europe, Finland is home to over 5 500 000 people. The primary language spoken is Finnish, with the second most common being Swedish.  Finland is one of the countries best to view the famous Aurora Borealis from, with the Northern Read More
June 2019
Creating mentally healthy workplaces in the resources sector
Both individuals and organisations can benefit if a preventative and proactive approach towards good mental health is taken Mental health practices and procedures in the resources industry are under the microscope. There is growing public awareness and scrutiny on organisations in the sector to provide psychologically healthy workplaces for their workers. In particular, fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) work has drawn the attention of regulatory bodies around Australia. So how are FIFO and broader Read More
June 2019
Seven tips to ensure you’re always upskilling
Constant upskilling is the new norm for professionals hoping to stay relevant in an increasingly digitised world Hays has recently published a series of articles on staying relevant in the fourth industrial revolution, characterised by increased digitalisation and automation in workplaces. This article explores some ways to keep yourself at the growing edge of your professional career. Our recent survey of 951 employers found 77 per cent are more likely to shortlist a qualified Read More
June 2019
Mining industry set for a more challenging tomorrow
The 'easy stuff' is long gone. What does that mean for the industry's future? Is there a new norm in mining? That is the question being raised as the commodities cycle takes another turn. To get a sense of the answer, we need to look closely at the challenges and complexities facing new and ongoing mining projects and operations in a changing resources industry landscape. Technical challenges Several large-scale surface mines are nearing the end of their economic life, and with Read More
June 2019
Creating a high-performance culture
Laura Tyler believes firmly in the importance of culture. 'It is the keystone for high performance,' she says. Without it, everything else falls away.' Over the course of her career, people and culture have always been at the forefront for Laura Tyler, Asset President of BHP’s Olympic Dam mine and the global company’s Chief Geoscientist. Her degrees in geoscience and engineering have led to her combined role and allowed her to lead and nurture a wide range of resources Read More
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June 2019
Digital optimisation: lessons learned from other industries
This is an excerpt of a paper to be presented at AusIMM's 2019 Iron Ore conference. Visit ironore.ausimm.com to view more abstracts and register. The fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) is well under way, but the mining industry lags other more advanced industries (defence, aerospace, advanced manufacturing, etc) that leverage digital best practice. Maturity in Industry 4.0 results from early adoption, competitive drives, industry focus, willingness to collaborate and Read More
June 2019
Iron Ore 2019 keynote speaker spotlights
In the build up to our Iron Ore 2019 conference (22-24 July, Perth), AusIMM asked some of our keynote speakers questions on critical issues in the iron ore sector and what their presentations will cover. Allon Brent MAusIMM Allon is the Principal of Perth-based consultancy Global Minerals Marketing, having retired as Iron Ore Marketing Manager from BHP in 2016. Allon has over 30 years’ experience in the international minerals and metallurgical industries, having held senior Read More
June 2019
Systems fragmentation the biggest barrier to mining transformation
Modern businesses rely on an array of software and business management systems – but integrating them can be a serious challenge and barrier to competitiveness Systems fragmentation is the single biggest barrier to business transformation and innovation we see in the mining industry. Most companies have no single source of truth providing timely and reliable data about the business, and no single platform to standardise processes consistently across the organisation. Instead, Read More
June 2019
Partnering for shared value
A case study of OZ Minerals' Carrapateena Native Title Agreement-making process The December 2016 AusIMM Bulletin featured the story of the agreement-making process at the new Carrapateena mine in South Australia being developed by OZ Minerals. The article, ‘Local Level Agreement Making: Partnering beyond stakeholders, from across the table to around the table’, set out the process undertaken by OZ Minerals and the Kokotha Aboriginal Corporation to build a relationship based on trust Read More
June 2019
Giving back as a professional
A case study with an AusIMM member shows how international volunteering helps build skills – and lets you discover new ones. See current volunteering opportunities for resources professionals. For more than 60 years, the Australian Volunteers Program has been helping skilled Australians take their knowledge and abilities to developing countries as part of the Australian Government’s aid program. Volunteers have described their experiences as ‘inspiring’, ‘fulfilling’ and Read More
June 2019
Reducing red tape for resources companies trading internationally
The Australian Border Force is constantly evolving the way we trade with international partners, and one of those initiatives is the Australian Trusted Trader program. Our internationally recognised program has been running for three years and has been designed to facilitate trade through the Australian border, by cutting red tape and reducing regulatory burden. With five out of ten of Australia’s top ten exports coming from mining, how international trade is managed is of vital Read More
June 2019
Professional perspectives: health and safety
We asked four professionals: How do you embed health and safety practices into your everyday work life? Trish Kerin  Director, Institution of Chemical Engineers Safety Centre Trish Kerin. For me, health and safety starts with values and attitudes. When you have safety as a core value, your attitude and therefore actions you take will be governed by this. Your attitude to safety will reflect what you do at 2 am when no one is watching. So it all starts with simple acts, Read More
June 2019
Exploring iron ore fines beneficiation in a South African context
This is an excerpt of a paper to be presented at AusIMM's 2019 Iron Ore conference. Visit ironore.ausimm.com to view more abstracts and register. Globally, the major iron ore producers are Vale, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Fortescue Metals. The prevailing low commodity prices ensure that only the largest and lowest cost producers survive and thus mines in China, Canada and South Africa are buckling under the pressure. From a product demand perspective, iron ore fines make up Read More
Obituary: Simon Booth
1952 – 2019 Simon Booth Simon Booth was a traveller from a very young age, moving between Sydney and north Queensland following his father’s work. This would become a familiar pattern in later years with his own family as well.  As an AusIMM member of 38 years, Simon contributed in a significant way to the global mining industry. After completing his geology degree at Macquarie University in 1978, he started his career as a graduate geologist at the Zinc Corp in Broken Hill. Read More
June 2019
A century of zinc production
This article is an excerpt of an ebook titled 'A century of zinc production in Australia', which is available to download for free here. Australia has been in the business of producing zinc for well over one hundred years and for many of those years has been the world’s largest source of zinc. It has also been a dominant player in zinc smelting and in the development of zinc smelting technology. However, as in many other areas of endeavour, today’s dominance of world production of Read More
Working offshore – your professional obligations
Members of the AusIMM often travel to foreign countries to undertake work assignments. Each country has its own set of laws and regulations that foreign workers must follow. This article is Indonesia-centric, but in principal applies to all AusIMM members working overseas, even for AusIMM members traveling to Australia to work. Each country’s definitions and regulations often specify what constitutes work or ‘doing business’, and may include simple office meetings, giving a Read More
Federal Budget 2019: overview for resources professionals
The Federal Coalition Government has handed down their final budget before the looming election expected to be called for May. The Government anticipates a budget surplus, underpinned by nearly $8 billion from company tax receipts over the forward estimates, largely supported by the resources industry and increased commodity prices. The government acknowledged the strength in company tax receipts – which are forecast to grow by 10.8 per cent in 2018-19 and 5.5 per cent in 2019-20. The Read More