February 2017
Book Review: Strictly (Mining) Boardroom – Volume II
by Allan Trench and John Sykes As the subtitle suggests, this book is a practitioner’s guide for the next generation of directors. The book is a handy collection of short articles originally published in the Strictly Boardroom series at  The episodic structure of the book makes it a convenient reference to dip in and out of as needed, and it is a very useful addition to a desktop bookshelf. The key insights at the end of each section are also valuable. The nine Read More
December 2016
Organic management structure – its advantages in a mining consultancy
An alternative organisational structure that is flexible and meets the needs of the dynamic and cyclical nature of the mining industry The purpose of any consultancy is to provide a superior service for its client. Organisational structure is a key element in providing this service and differentiating between consultants. In an organic organisation, the emphasis is on effectiveness, problem solving, responsiveness, flexibility, adaptability, creativity and innovation. Such an organisation Read More