February 2019
Leading with integrity
Perspectives on leadership, integrity and ethics - reflecting on a 38-year career in the mining industry As one progresses through one’s career, the ability to positively influence people to achieve a great outcome becomes progressively more important. This influencing is not confined to direct reports but also includes peers, senior personnel and other industry stakeholders. Here, I will discuss what integrity is, how it fits into the leadership tool kit (particularly in the Australian Read More
October 2018
Leadership and emotional intelligence
The secret to developing leaders of the future starts with a timeless scientific concept, emotional intelligence (EQ). This article outlines strategies for developing EQ competence. What is the future of work? When we ask this question, we generally think of artificial intelligence and obsolete degrees, but when I think of the future of work, I think about developing leaders of the future. Leaders that are highly capable of leading teams remotely, flexibly and innovatively. How are we Read More
August 2018
The changing face of corporate risk tolerance
In an increasingly connected world, the importance of robust risk management processes from project initiation and design through to closure cannot be overstated The complexities faced when managing mine tailings has historically posed a challenge for the mining industry. Past tailings dam failures such as Ok Tedi, Papua New Guinea (1998-2013); Mount Polley, Canada (2014); and Samarco, Brazil (2015) indicate tailings storage facility (TSF) failures are not isolated to a particular Read More
August 2018
Investing in new professionals for success
Thoughts on how we can prepare our new professionals to be leaders of tomorrow I have been working in mining since I moved to Australia and have been acquainted with mining even before then through my alma mater, the Colorado School of Mines. I have been privileged in my opportunities since graduating by being involved in a wide variety of industries such as technology, start-ups, medicine, research and mining. Mining has always been perceived as a more traditional or conservative industry Read More
Funding grants for women in the mining and metals industry
Announced as part of the 2015 Australian Award for Excellence in Women’s Leadership, Women & Leadership Australia (WLA) is administering a National Scholarship Grant Initiative to support the development of women leaders in the mining and metals industry. From July 1st 2015 the initiative will provide mining and metals industry women with grants for leadership development at two levels. Please click on the preferred program link for program and Grant Application details. Senior Read More