Geotourism, Geotrails and Geoparks explained
A recent submission to the Chief Government Geologists Committee, prepared by the Geotourism Standing Committee of the Geological Society of Australia (GSA), has detailed recent geotourism developments in Australia as well as explaining  what the potential of the geotourism industry offers for employing geoscientists, and becoming an important customer for the goods and services of geological surveys of Australia and their equivalents. This submission has been supported by the Australian Read More
Geotourism continues to grow in Australia
With the decision on 27 January 2015 by the Governing Council of the Geological Society of Australia (GSA) to approve a recommendation of the newly formed Geotourism Standing Committee of a definition for Geotourism (i.e. ‘Geotourism is tourism which focuses on geology and landscape as the basis for providing visitor engagement, learning, and enjoyment'), enthusiasts can be assured that geotourism is starting to establish a foothold in Australia. Nurtured by the Geotourism Standing Read More
Geotourism News
Geotourism is continuing to grow as a new global phenomenon which fosters sustainable tourism based upon landscapes. Its definition has recently been defined as a form of tourism that specifically focuses on the geology and landscapes which shape the character of a region. This advances an earlier concept of geotourism as strictly ‘geological tourism’. Geotourism promotes tourism to ‘geo-sites’ and the conservation of geodiversity and an understanding of earth sciences through Read More