Gold class exploration opportunity in Victoria, Australia
Minerals exploration rights are on offer over large parcels of prospective ground in the highly productive area of North Central Victoria, Australia. This is an international, competitive, merit-based tender (subject to licencing). Geological Survey of Victoria estimates there may be up to 75 million ounces of undiscovered gold under cover in northern Victoria, including 32 million ounces of gold yet to be found in the northern Bendigo Zone. Although the tender’s priority is on Read More
October 2016
Where is the most attractive for investment?
An analysis of barriers to exploration investment A well-developed mining sector can produce great economic and community benefits. This leads many countries and subnational jurisdictions around the world to eagerly seek out mining investment. But as with all private sector activities, mining is competitive and investment capital is mobile. To encourage a robust development of the mining sector, governments must put forth attractive and competitive policies. Where is the most attractive Read More
February 2016
Exploration – never a better time to partner
Examining collaboration, technology and social licence to dispel exploration myths and increase success Seventy years ago geologist Harry Evans sailed a three metre dinghy with a temperamental outboard motor around 300 kilometres of rivers and coastline in western Cape York.  Harry’s discovery of the bauxite brilliance we now know as Weipa followed a ‘failed’ oil exploration campaign some months earlier. It is another reminder that a commitment to exploration can provide welcome and Read More
Figure 1 Spinifex
Grassroots exploration under cover
Spinifex geochemistry leads to discovery of a new Australian metallogenic province Introduction Mineral exploration in arid environments is challenging due to wind-transported deposits and resulting equivocal surface geochemistry (Dunn, 2007). However, research by CRC-LEME (Reid et al, 2008; 2009; Reid and Hill 2010; Reid and Hill 2013) demonstrated the potential of Spinifex (Triodia Sp.) as a biogeochemical medium showing excellent promise for the identification of gold and base metal Read More
June 2015
The need for innovation in exploration and mining
New approaches to familiar practices are critical for long-term success Mineral exploration and mining are challenging businesses but are rarely considered as innovative by people outside the industry. However, both exploration and mining have a long tradition of innovation. Over the past 50 years, major step changes in exploration have resulted from radical advances in our understanding of ore forming processes; the development of new sophisticated airborne, ground and downhole Read More
June 2015
South Australia’s approach to unlocking covered resources
Improving exploration success in areas of cover is significant challenge facing the discovery of future mineral resources in South Australia South Australia’s Mineral Systems Drilling Program 2015 (MSDP) is a new and innovative approach to drilling designed to improve exploration success. The MSDP brings together the Geological Survey of South Australia (GSSA, Department of State Development), the Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Centre (DET CRC), Minotaur Exploration and Read More