Top ten most-read online AusIMM Bulletin articles published in 2017

  • By AusIMM

The following articles from our diverse and expert contributors topped the AusIMM Bulletin website’s most-read list in 2017.

  1. ‘The mining industry disrupted’ by Gavin Yeates FAusIMM(CP)
  2. ‘The ABC of Mine to Mill and metal price cycles’ P Cameron, D Drinkwater MAusIMM and J Pease FAusIMM
  3. ‘Social performance – a new professional discipline’ Bruce Harvey MAusIMM
  4. ‘Autonomous haulage systems – the business case’ R Price MAusIMM
  5. ‘The neuroscience of personal safety’ Cristian Sylvestre
  6. ‘Value creation through exploration in BHP’ L Tyler MAusIMM(CP), S Busuttil, J Des Rivieres, N McCormack, T C McCuaig MAusIMM and J Terry MAusIMM
  7. ‘Leadership lessons from the mining greats’ Will Coetzer
  8. ‘Turning an abandoned gold mine into a renewable energy hub’ Simon Kidston
  9. ‘Improving productivity by integrating software developers into resource engineering’ Calvin Snodgrass and Tony Cockerill MAusIMM
  10. ‘Costerfield – a narrow-vein case study’ M McCarthy MAusIMM
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