Top ten AusIMM Bulletin stories of 2018

  • By AusIMM

The following articles from our expert contributors topped the AusIMM Bulletin website’s most-read list in 2018.

1. ‘Never give up’: How Julie Shuttleworth turned her passion into a career

Talk to Julie Shuttleworth, deputy CEO of the Fortescue Metals Group, and it’s easy to understand why she has done so well. Her passion and enthusiasm for her work are palpable.

2. The boom in mining start-ups

Similar to the growth seen in other industries in the 21st century, the mining industry is experiencing a growing trend in the number of start-up companies in mining-related operations.

3. The importance of iron ore to Western Australia’s economy

As the world’s largest iron ore producer, Western Australia’s iron ore industry is a critical part of the state’s economy and contributes to regional development.

4. If I knew then what I know now: reflections on a career in resources

Gabriela Love’s article from our commemorative April 2018 edition is an examination of personal growth and leadership in the resources sector.

5. The Australian Budget 2018: an overview for resources professionals

The Federal Government delivered their 2018 budget in May, and it forecasted stability and growth in the resources sector while also highlighting the imperative role the industry plays in the Australian economy.

6. The mining industry is making a comeback

Newport Consulting’s 2017-18 Mining Business Outlook Report showed that confidence has returned, and investment in the sector will follow with the right government policy support.

7. Educating the next generation of geologists

Employment opportunities in the future will be significantly different from those of the past and educational pathways need to provide for this. Geoscience graduates must have highly transferable generic skills that extend beyond traditional geoscience careers.

8. Digital mines: the need for restructuring university courses

A look at how universities and mining schools might address the need for modernised curricula to ensure properly qualified resources industry professionals for the 21st century.

9. From start to finish – improving sustainable development aspects of life-of-mine practices

A review of historical and current life-of-mine (LOM) practices from a socioeconomic and environmental perspective. This article is abridged from the concluding paper in the recent AusIMM Spectrum 24 From Start to Finish: A Life-of-Mine Perspective.

10. Drones in mining – the new possible

Drones are becoming more and more popular in mining, but using them in smart and novel ways will make this technology truly transformative.

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