A renewed focus for the AusIMM Community and Environment Society

  • By AusIMM Community & Environment Society

The AusIMM Community and Environment (C&E) Society has committed to its work program for 2018, following a group strategy meeting in February.

The Committee also welcomes its new members for 2018: Marc Allen, Rose Lindner and Ben Fitzsimmons. See the full C&E Committee here.

Members of the Committee met in Melbourne to align their work with feedback from 2017’s member survey and changes in AusIMM leadership and direction. The forum provided an opportunity to connect and share insights with Board member Alex Atkins and CEO Stephen Durkin.

Whilst our strategy provides oversight of our work, a reduced number of key initiatives focused on the AusIMM core membership have been developed. The initiatives fall generally into the areas of member awareness, member capacity building and advocacy.

In the social area, the group recognises the unique challenges associated with an emerging discipline and profession. The Society seeks to equip members with an understanding of social performance and related project risk and evaluation. Ongoing work includes providing C&E guidance on implementing JORC, showcasing leading practice, highlighting the important role of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in mining and providing professional development opportunities that recognise the broad application of social performance.

The Society’s environmental agenda seeks to support professional development for members with a focus on energy, climate change, metallurgy, acid mine drainage, as well as the planning and execution of mine closure. Existing initiatives seek to improve the C&E content of university course work and promote knowledge exchange among mining and non-mining disciplines.

To achieve our goals we will build our own capacity by taking advantage of new AusIMM infrastructure to deliver communications and content. Our capacity to undertake work will improve as we extend opportunities for participation outside the Committee.

Success means being responsive to our core membership needs. A renewed focus on integrating C&E content with Branches and other AusIMM Committees and Societies is underway.

‘The C&E Society has welcomed feedback from members during 2017 and is looking forward to working with the AusIMM membership to share best practice and provide development opportunities on issues that affect the community and environment in which we operate.’


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