Noted Plenary Speaker at AGCC 2018 set to draw a crowd of geoscientists interested in ore forming processes

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Dr Cornel de Ronde will be one of the five Plenary speakers at AGCC 2018 to be held in Adelaide, 14 – 18 October.

Dr Cornel de Ronde.

He will be speaking on Wednesday 17th October during the Plenary Session at 8.30 am in Hall C of the Adelaide Convention Centre. His talk will focus on the prospectivity of modern seafloor hydrothermal systems associated with submarine arcs for Cu-Au mineralisation.

This presentation should not be missed. Dr de Ronde delivered the AusIMM Distinguished Lecturer series in Queensland and NT in 2015, but did not speak in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, SA or WA. The AGCC 2018 provides the opportunity for geoscientists Australia-wide to engage with this leading researcher.

Dr. Cornel de Ronde leads the offshore minerals group at GNS Science in New Zealand. He is best known for his cutting-edge work on modern active magmatic-hydrothermal mineralising systems, including those on the sea floor, using these as models for understanding the fundamental processes of ore formation.

In 2010, he was awarded the NZ Prime Minister’s Science Communication Prize for explaining the significance of his work in exploring New Zealand’s offshore marine territory. As an AusIMM distinguished speaker in 2015, Dr de Ronde spoke at various regional centres in northern Australia and Papua New Guinea. More recently, in 2017, he was the Jubin James Scholar at University of Toronto, Canada, conducting courses and presentations to audiences from various universities as well as the mining industry community.

In May this year, he and other scientists from GNS were part of a joint IODP expedition with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (USA) on the ocean drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution. Their mission was to drill into the hydrothermally active submarine volcano, the Brothers Volcano, located 400 km northeast of White Island in northern New Zealand. He and his team have also worked extensively with scientists from NOAA (USA), and in Germany, Japan, Australia and Italy discovering, surveying and sampling seafloor hydrothermal systems around the world.

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