October 2019
How the JORC Code affects mining finance
As the mining sector continues on an upward trajectory, miners and explorers have an important imperative to assure investors and stakeholders that their Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve estimates can be trusted. Since we cannot totally escape the risk and uncertainty related to minerals projects, more transparent, consistent and balanced views of technical confidence will better inform both internal and external stakeholders, particularly investors, about the expected risk in the Read More
October 2019
Book review: Society of Economic Geologists: Guidebook Series Volume 60
Precious Metal Epithermal and Porphyry Deposits of the Maricunga Belt, and Copper-Silver IOCG Deposits of Northern Chile Edited by Borden Putnam, Rael Lipson, K Brock Riedell and Ryan Taylor The publication of short-form SEGF student field trip notes (undertaken in January 2019, led by William X Chavez and Erich Petersen) covering specific geological domains with mines and prospects is a welcome and innovative product for industry professionals and researchers. The format is Read More
October 2019
Five problems electronic blasting experts can solve
In a highly competitive and increasingly scrutinised operating environment, mining companies need immediate performance enhancements based on proven principles and reliable technology. Electronic blasting, when deployed by skilled professionals, can deliver measurable benefits.   In a new landscape where efficiency is the gold standard, mining leaders across the world are looking to decrease inputs, increase outputs, and raise the level of safety. Questions are also swirling Read More
October 2019
Modern tin mining and processing at Melaleuca, Port Davey, Tasmania
A unique story of a small-scale mining operation in the remote reaches of South West Tasmania  The first recorded discovery of alluvial tin (cassiterite) in South West Tasmania was near Point Eric, Cox Bight in 1891. In 1935, cassiterite was discovered on the Melaleuca plain (near Port Davey) and the deposits were exploited by a succession of small-scale operations. In 1941, the lease was purchased by Charles King who worked the deposit alone until 1945 when he was joined by his Read More
October 2019
Country snapshot: Russia
Spanning 11 time zones and two continents, Russia has an impressive endowment of natural resources and is a major player in the global sector Following the disbandment of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR or Soviet Union) in 1991, Russia as we now know it came to fruition. Previously one of 15 bodies comprising the USSR, the disintegration of the Soviet Union saw Russia become an independent state. Russia is one of few countries that are located across multiple Read More
October 2019
The importance of the flow of data across the mining value chain
Digital innovation is critical for mining companies looking to gain a competitive advantage. How might this innovation be deployed in drilling and blasting?  In today‚Äôs market, digital transformation in mining companies has become a business necessity and is key to maintaining a competitive edge. By 2021, companies investing in digital innovation as a single integrated business process will outperform competitors by 20 per cent on profitability. Yet, a recent poll found that 37 per Read More