December 2018
AusIMM Professional Workforce Survey 2018
AusIMM’s annual summary report into the current state of professional employment and remuneration in the resources sector suggests a marked upturn in employment and improved sector confidence AusIMM is the peak body representing professionals in the global resources sector. We deliver an ongoing program of professional development services to ensure our 13 000 members are supported throughout their careers, enabling them to provide high-quality professional input to industry and the Read More
December 2018
Book Review: The Social Terrains of Mine Closure in the Philippines
Book author: Minerva Chaloping-March The social aspects of mining have always presented a major challenge to industry, and at the end of mine life the social dimensions (socio-economic, human rights, access to livelihoods, etc) often intensify. Yet, as Chaloping-March points out in The Social Terrains of Mine Closure, while mine closure planning may be promoted as good business practice, industry and government frequently focus on technical, precautionary and biophysical aspects, with less Read More
December 2018
The King Battery site, South of Kalgoorlie, WA
The King Battery site is 47 km south-south-east of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia (WA) on Woolibar (originally Wollubar) Station. It is accessed from a track off the eastern side of the Kalgoorlie-Kambalda Road, approximately 45 km south of Kalgoorlie/Boulder. King Battery has strong links with Ernest Lidgey, an early President of the Australasian Institute of Mining Engineers (AIME, now AusIMM). Heritage status of the site The site’s heritage significance and importance is due to the Read More
December 2018
Geological mapping in a connected world
Advances in geographic information and analysis systems have led to more streamlined and simple data capture processes, allowing increased accuracy, reliability and efficiency in mapping. Geological mapping and field data collection are fundamental components of any successful mineral exploration program. The technologies available to field geologists to conduct mapping and sampling have changed dramatically over the years. As geographic information (GIS) and data analysis systems Read More
December 2018
Exploration and early engagement
Respectful and early engagement with communities that may be impacted by mining operations is crucial, even during the exploration phase Mineral exploration presents many challenges and opportunities for building company value. In an increasingly complex world, different skills are needed to ensure exploration remains viable. While applying good geoscience is critical for targeting, it is also necessary that access to ground is maintained and that programs are executed efficiently. Read More
December 2018
Mining automation: enhancing precision
Following the huge interest and application of autonomous technology, industry case studies suggest that the true value of automation lies in its potential to deliver precise mining There has been sustained interest over the last 20 years in the potential of autonomy in mining. Much has been promised and a good amount delivered. Autonomous haul trucks, for example, are now commercially available from the major manufacturers, as is technology to automate some other operations. Nevertheless, Read More