June 2017
Value creation through exploration in BHP
Examining how BHP is leveraging expertise and knowledge between minerals exploration, petroleum exploration and the recently established Geoscience Centre of Excellence A case for discovery BHP views exploration as a critical enabler to the value growth of the company. As noted by CEO Andrew Mackenzie at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2016 Global Metals, Mining and Steel Conference, exploration is one of the company’s six identified steps to add value. Exploration will grow and sustain Read More
June 2017
Canada’s National Orphaned/Abandoned Mines Initiative
The return of mining lands project and looking to the future Mining has been central to Canada’s economy for more than 100 years, and supplies mineral commodities worldwide. The long history of mining has left many abandoned mine sites that require varying degrees of rehabilitation. The legacy of orphaned/abandoned mines – with associated environmental liability, human health concerns, and the social and financial cost of clean-up and long-term monitoring and maintenance – is a serious Read More
June 2017
The positive impact of registered professionals
Registration is fundamental to being a professional and is beneficial and necessary to protect the public, maintain public confidence and uphold standards of practice Professional registration – be it for doctors, lawyers or engineers – is something sure to provoke debate amongst the individuals working within that profession. Some feel the registration of professionals is essential, while others see it as a bureaucratic burden. It is my ardent belief that registration is fundamental to Read More
June 2017
Innovation: State of Play – iron ore insights
This is an excerpt from a paper to be presented at Iron Ore 2017, which will be held in Perth from 24-26 July. Visit the Iron Ore 2017 website for more details on the conference program and registration. Innovation: State of Play was initiated three years ago by VCI in partnership with the University of Western Australia. The ambition was to create a ‘think tank’ type platform to support industry discussion on performance in terms of innovation at a strategic level, what needs to change Read More
June 2017
Can connected mining be used to avert the next mining crash?
How companies can navigate the difficult phases of the mining cycle and create sustainable profitability 'Connected mining’ is gaining momentum in the mining industry. Many of the major players are either implementing it, or talking about it. It sounds simple, but finding a sustainable and systematic way of connecting the face to the market and responding appropriately has proven elusive to many. Successfully implementing connected mining could represent a revolution in the way a mining Read More
June 2017
Keeping pace with the cycle – from ‘on plan’ construction to ‘efficient’ production
Instilling the skills and operational mindset to meet the new production-focused environment in the mining industry Switching gears through the mining super cycle requires new thinking and skills As mining companies move from the construction phase to the production phase of the commodity super cycle, management teams must ensure their organisations’ skills and focus are geared toward delivering the right outcomes. From 2003 to 2015, most mining companies focused on the expansion of Read More