August 2018
AusIMM Trusted Voice update
AusIMM's Future Directions strategy sets out our plan to re-establish the AusIMM to be a more contemporary, financially sustainable organisation with a stronger external profile. The strategy is underpinned by five key growth initiatives. These key initiatives were initially informed by feedback from Congress 2017, and since that time have been shaped into our Future Directions strategy. One of the initiatives is for AusIMM to be the Trusted Voice of resources professionals. AusIMM is Read More
August 2018
Book review: Mandarins & Mavericks – Remembering Western Mining 1933-2005
An insight into 'the University of WMC' [caption id="attachment_13602" align="alignright" width="271"] Mandarins & Mavericks: Remembering Western Mining 1933-2005.[/caption] Mandarins & Mavericks – Remembering Western Mining 1933-2005 tells a great Australian story. Written by respected author and journalist Martin Summons, this is a book about people, their visions, their many successes and the odd hiccup – which is inevitable when you factor in human frailty, luck, commodity Read More
August 2018
One hundred years of Australian copper smelting 1917-2017
The year 1917 was a watershed for Australian copper mining and particularly for copper smelting. Prior to this time many copper mines were equipped with an on-site smelter, into which high-grade copper ore or a gravity copper concentrate were fed to produce a copper matte (with 40 per cent copper) for subsequent converting to blister copper (99 per cent copper) and refining at centralised copper refineries in Australia or overseas. During the early 1900s several on-site smelters were Read More
August 2018
Funding boost helps CEEC advance energy efficient mining
Comminution is energy-intensive and accounts for a large percentage of a mine's operating costs. A new injection of funding from METS Ignited and the Queensland Government will help CEEC enhance global energy curves tools and deliver increased value across the sector A one-off injection of funds is set to support mining and mining equipment, technology and services (METS) companies to drive more sustainable and productive mining practices. The new $469 000, three-year CEEC Advanced Read More
August 2018
Sensor-based ore sorting to maximise profit in a gold operation
This is an extract of a paper originally published in the MetPlant 2017 conference proceedings. The full paper can be purchased online via ausimm.com/shop Abstract Sensor-based ore sorting is being increasingly used to reduce the amount of low-grade and waste material processed in mineral concentrators. This type of preconcentration provides bottom-line benefits to users by reducing the amount of energy, water and consumables, as well as reducing capital cost. Existing operations can Read More
August 2018
People first: mining across the globe
Stephen McIntosh has worked around the world on numerous projects, and now oversees growth and innovation at Rio Tinto from exploration through to closure. He firmly believes that all missing success comes back to a focus on people From the highlands of Papua New Guinea to the heart of Europe, Rio Tinto’s Stephen McIntosh has worked in almost 50 countries throughout his 31-year tenure with the group. ‘I’ve been privileged to work in so many countries during my 31 years with Rio Tinto and Read More