February 2018
Lean management processes in the resources sector
The cyclical nature of mining means that real value can be achieved by implementing lean methodologies across all areas of business Since the industry downturn, the resources sector has received a lot of media attention regarding cost reduction and productivity improvement. Significant gains have been made in lowering labour costs, improving equipment uptime, using automation, minimising ore waste in processing and reducing machine downtime for maintenance. For example, BHP embarked on a Read More
February 2018
Setting reasonable fees for consultancy services to the mining industry
An overview of some of the important factors to consider when setting consulting fee rates Consulting is a service that involves the participants, be they individuals or larger consultancy enterprises, being available on-call with appropriate skills of value to the mining industry. Consulting is a demanding, challenging and competitive work area and participants deserve to be financially well-rewarded for their involvement. This article sets out how fee rates for consultants can be Read More
February 2018
A seat at the board table
Becoming a non-executive director is an increasingly common ambition for professionals, but it is important to understand the responsibilities of the role For resources professionals, being a director can be a powerful way to enhance and develop your leadership capabilities. Aspiring directors looking for a seat at the board-table – whether it be part-time alongside their careers in management or technical leadership, or those looking to make the transition to full-time director – face Read More
February 2018
Compass management – a leadership methodology
To lead, inspire and motivate others effectively, it is important to understand that each person you interact with is an individual with their own story to tell Compass management is a leadership methodology used to cover the complexities of building and managing stratified relationships within a work environment. This methodology is the result of reflection, observations and research undertaken during my own leadership journey, and will hopefully provide some guidance for someone at Read More
February 2018
Book Review: Mining in the Asia-Pacific: Risks, Challenges and Opportunities
Edited by Terry O’Callaghan and Geordan Graetz My first impression from looking at the author list of this book was that it was very academic, and I thought ‘where are the contributions from real-world mining engineers, geotechnical engineers, geologists and metallurgists?’ However, I found the majority of the book a decent compilation of well-referenced research, and below I give a brief account of the sections that particularly piqued my interest. The book starts with a candid Read More
February 2018
Groundwater insight – a critical resource
Although groundwater is an essential component of the production cycle at most mines in Australia, demonstrating the viability of a water source is often seen as a ‘regulatory tick box’ rather than a critical factor in the feasibility of a project At least one quarter of mining projects in Australia encounter some type of groundwater challenge. As a mining hydrogeologist, I’ve seen projects go under as a result of having too much or too little water, or water that is contaminated. In Read More