October 2018
Country snapshot: Chile
[caption id="attachment_14291" align="alignright" width="388"] Key facts: Chile.[/caption] A prosperous and politically stable nation, Chile enjoys abundant natural resources and is the world's largest producer of copper Chile is a country of nearly 18 million people that occupies a narrow stretch of land running down the west coast of South America. Its neighbours are Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, and the country is bordered to the west by the Pacific Ocean, with the Drake Passage to Read More
October 2018
Workforce of the future
In a rapidly evolving industry, what skills will professionals require to take on the challenges of tomorrow? In the December 2017 AusIMM Bulletin, Michelle Ash correctly pointed out that our industry in the future will not exist in the same way as it does now. This is an important observation, as it begs the question of which skills we currently consider so vital to our industry and how these might change. The simple answer is that everything is up for grabs. Non-operational roles Read More
October 2018
AusIMM Thought Leadership Series report
The AusIMM 125 Year Thought Leadership Series was an opportunity for delegates to share their insights and expertise. This summary article distils key ideas from the Series, and the full report is available from 125.ausimm.com Themes The key theme ‘how will professionals shape the future of the resources sector?’ provoked insightful discussions between stakeholders and professionals alike. Our industry is a technical one, and this technical expertise is of immense importance if Australia Read More
October 2018
Book Review: Mining and Sustainable Development
The term ‘sustainable development’ is rarely paired with the extractives sector; however, the book Mining and Sustainable Development: Current Issues (2018), edited by Sumit K Lodhia, does just that. [caption id="attachment_14094" align="alignright" width="196"] Mining and Sustainable Development (2018).[/caption] The book provides insight into current and historical challenges relating to the extractives sector in terms of sustainability and development from a variety of Read More
October 2018
Geoscience input into blasting operations – let’s set a new standard
This is an abridged version of a paper published in the Tenth International Mining Geology Conference 2017 proceedings. The full paper is available from ausimm.com/shop Abstract The author contends that geoscience is presently under-utilised in the rock fragmentation by blasting process. Before we can set standards in this area, the following is required: mine geologists need to gain a better understanding of the blasting process and the blasting team needs to obtain a better Read More
October 2018
PLUMECAST – a predictive modelling system
A case study exploring the economic and environmental benefits of adopting fine-scale meterological and dispersion forecasting systems in open cut mining operations Background The voice of the community regarding environmental impacts is becoming increasingly strong in Australia and mining operations are facing economic and environmental challenges to satisfy regulatory bodies and local communities that they are operating within compliance limits and are effectively managing potential Read More