Book review: Rocks, landscapes & resources of the Great Artesian Basin by Warwick Wilmot, Alex Cook & Barry Neville
  A fast, uneducated drive across southwest Queensland can be uninspiring, and then an extension towards the Gulf country or to Lake Eyre may seem unrelated. This 100-page book changes these perceptions completely. This book is a bargain at $15 plus postage and worth buying just to flick through the pages but it is also an excellent gift for a friend and can absorb a reader for days. After all, who has not heard of the Great Artesian Basin and does not know that this is a special Read More
April 2018
How lucky were we? Geoscience working lives
An overview of a group of geoscientists who graduated in the late 1960s and the forces that shaped their careers A group of geoscientists who graduated from the University of Queensland (UQ) in the late 1960s have recorded their career experiences, covering a period of spectacular and volatile growth in the Australian resource industries. This article aims to summarise the forces that shaped the working lives of this UQ cohort, and distil career lessons and strategies that could be Read More
April 2018
The AusIMM Bulletin: the last 25 years
Since being first published nearly 80 years ago, the AusIMM Bulletin has been a reflection of the resources industry and its professionals In his inaugural Presidential editorial in the February 2017 AusIMM Bulletin, Colin Moorhead stressed the need for resource industry professionals to engage with others in the industry and ‘to understand the needs of mining professionals, the global mining industry and the capital markets upon which it depends, but also to remember where we came Read More
April 2018
The hidden value in out-of-print monographs
Modern resources professionals should not overlook the valuable information collated during the past century, and instead may find valuable lessons from books of the past I have recently been thinking about the wealth of value contained in old, out-of-print industry monographs, and want to explain why I think these volumes should be readily available to all geologists and other resources professionals. It is perfectly understandable that people assume that new and more recent work on Read More
April 2018
How strategic community investment can deliver better outcomes
Collective impact programs could be a credible way for companies to secure a licence to operate amidst growing pressure to demonstrate better social outcomes Over the past decade, managing a social licence to operate has consistently featured in EY’s top ten mining and metals industry risk reports. Despite the importance of community investment within the resources sector, examples of progress have been underwhelming. Based on the current evidence, a strategic approach using a collective Read More
April 2018
Addressing the gender pay gap in mining
The Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s 2016-17 data shows that mining remains the most male-dominated industry in Australia, with gender pay gaps across all occupations and most management levels. But the industry has been working hard to change that It’s a challenging path to the top for women who want to work in the resources sector. Across the industry, women are far more likely to be working in clerical or administrative roles than calling the shots from the C-suite. Only 2.8 per Read More