August 2017
Fan specification and tender adjudication for mine ventilation engineers
This is an excerpt from a paper to be presented at The Australian Mine Ventilation Conference 2017, which will be held in Brisbane from 28-30 August. View the program and register at www.austminevent.com.au. The correct specification and then selection of primary or major fans for an underground mine is a critical decision, not only in terms of fan capital and operating costs, but also in terms of safety and reliability, which usually has a major impact on mine production. In addition, fan Read More
August 2017
A review of ventilation and gas management in underground mines
This is an excerpt from a paper to be presented at The Australian Mine Ventilation Conference 2017, which will be held in Brisbane from 28-30 August. View the program and register at www.austminevent.com.au. During 2015 and 2016, the authors conducted a number of surveys, workshops and reviews of ventilation and gas management practices in Australian underground coal mines. The study was funded by the Australian coal industry’s research program (ACARP) with a brief to identify gaps in Read More
August 2017
Social performance – a new professional discipline
It is vital for mining companies to understand 'social performance' and how it affects their business Extractive industries are mostly unwelcome in advanced economies. However difficult for Australian mining professionals to accept, it is unlikely that our industry will ever be liked in its home base – the best we can hope for is quiet acceptance. For that matter, nor are we well-liked in most of the off-shore frontiers we have been moving to for several decades. While we might be welcomed Read More
August 2017
Geology, grade and geometallurgical modelling – spoilt for choice?
The breadth of tools available to aid geological, grade and geometallurgical modelling is as extensive as it has ever been, but evaluators need to ensure that the methods and products chosen, the data exchange and the interaction of the various software is communicated adequately through workflow mapping The evolution of modelling practices When I first started the long journey in resource estimation, modelling using digital technology was simple – it couldn’t be done – or rather, the Read More
August 2017
Removing doubt and reducing tensions: simplifying complex noise management
An overview of traditional and emerging noise management approaches, and a discussion of their potential drawbacks and benefits The management approaches adopted for environmental emissions such as noise, dust and odour (to name a few) are very often conservative or reactive in nature. These approaches are usually adopted because environmental emissions are technically complex and their level of impact is dynamically changing according to weather conditions and a mine’s operations. This Read More
August 2017
Future direction of mineral resources education
Strategies and innovations for the new generation embarking on a career in the extractive industries There are many challenges to address for education in mineral resources disciplines, particularly at the tertiary level. As with all tertiary institutions, the aim is to successfully produce graduates that are hard-working, high-achieving and job-ready. Industry is not the only receiver of these students – postgraduate degrees and life-long researchers are also targeted. Very little Read More