October 2017
Exploring the future of work in the resources sector
Examining the factors that will shape the resources sector of tomorrow, and how mining companies and professionals might evolve to meet the opportunities of the new environment While we cannot rely on the past to predict the future of the resources sector, it is helpful to consider trends in the journey so far. A useful starting question that those who make their living in the Australian mining sector might ask is: why do the Swedes lead us in the global equipment sector? Australia, Read More
October 2017
Mining in the cloud: disruptive innovation
How will the next generation of mining software be delivered? Mining has historically been a conservative industry – slow to adopt new technology, and slow to change. The more recent mining super cycle exit has seen an enormous push (through necessity) to squeeze every last piece of productivity out of incumbent assets. But there is only so far that this approach can go, and incremental productivity gain is not going to move the needle now. The mining industry is ripe for disruption, Read More
October 2017
‘Stop. Think … Act’ – PwC’s Mine 2017   report
PwC’s latest mining report looks at the performance of the Top 40 companies during 2016, and discusses what might be in store for the future Recovering from 2015’s race to the bottom, the world’s Top 40 mining companies paused and drew breath in 2016. Rapidly rising commodity prices promised a way forward and the valuations of the Top 40 responded. But valuations aside, there is little to suggest that the Top 40 made any substantial advances throughout the year, according to PwC’s Read More
The AusIMM Professional Employment Survey 2017
A detailed insight into the current state of professional employment in the resources sector, which suggests that the industry is returning to a stable employment market Introduction The AusIMM is the peak body for professionals and managers in the resources sector and represents 13 000 members working in Australia and internationally. Every year, the AusIMM conducts its annual Professional Employment Survey, which provides a detailed insight into the current state of the employment Read More
ICMM community relations workshop
1-3 August 2017, Brisbane The ICMM recently hosted a 'Regional Gathering of Community Relations Practitioners' at Rio Tinto’s offices in Brisbane. With attendee input, an agenda of workshops was established, enabling group work around: Measuring community support Dialog and reflection Causes of and responses to conflict Community benefits The three days of training and workshops were facilitated by Allison Mccallum (Training for Synergy Global) and Dr Sara Brice Read More
August 2017
Fan specification and tender adjudication for mine ventilation engineers
This is an excerpt from a paper to be presented at The Australian Mine Ventilation Conference 2017, which will be held in Brisbane from 28-30 August. View the program and register at www.austminevent.com.au. The correct specification and then selection of primary or major fans for an underground mine is a critical decision, not only in terms of fan capital and operating costs, but also in terms of safety and reliability, which usually has a major impact on mine production. In addition, fan Read More