Plaza de Armas, Lima, Peru
December 2016
Country snapshot: Peru
Peru is an increasingly attractive mining destination due to its considerable mineral reserves and favourable regulatory environment. The country has a well-established mining industry and is one of the world’s largest producers of base and precious metals. Strengths As of 2013, Peru was the: second-largest producer of silver (accounting for approximately 17 per cent of world supply) third-largest producer of copper (~7 per cent), tin (~10 per cent) and zinc (~10 per cent) Read More
Main tailings at the end of road 44A - Ruth, Nevada, USA, 3.10.2013
December 2016
Waste not, want not – rethinking the tailings and mine waste issue
An exploration of ideas that could help make the reuse of waste and tailings more economically viable Over the past 15 years, the mining industry has begun to incorporate the concepts of sustainable development and sustainable mining practice across the life cycle of mineral operations. This requires addressing economic issues and community impacts and concerns, as well as environmental protection, and is captured in part by the phrase ‘design for sustainability’ (McClellan et al, 2009). Read More
December 2016
The gender pay gap and the mining industry
What the 2016 AusIMM Professional Employment Survey says about the gender pay gap As part of the AusIMM Professional Employment Survey conducted in June 2016, the AusIMM asked questions about the remuneration that survey respondents receive. These questions are included every two years in the Professional Employment Survey and provide a valuable insight into how the current industry climate is affecting members’ salaries. As the remuneration results from the 2016 AusIMM Professional Read More
December 2016
The Australian and New Zealand gold industry – going all in
An overview of the current state of the gold sector and the opportunities and challenges it faces in Australia and New Zealand Gold is hot. Reported all-in sustaining costs (AISC) indicate that strong margins prevail for the vast majority of Australian and New Zealand gold producers in 2016. The outlook for miners will continue to be positive if gold prices and exchange rates remain around present levels into 2017. However, in the longer term, significant challenges to the sustainability Read More
December 2016
Challenges in obtaining a social licence to mine
Social aspects related to mining such as inclusive recruitment, participation in community planning and creating safe workplaces can affect a company’s social licence to mine Traditionally in mining, the social licence to mine, and indeed social sustainable development in general, has been concerned with the mining company proving their potential to bring positive effects to the local community. It has been a process of building trust with the community through dialogue and outreach Read More
December 2016
Detonators – best-for-project practices in drill and blast
Developments in detonation systems have the potential to improve blast capability and productivity As the mining industry becomes increasingly lean, a ‘one size fits all’ approach is becoming increasingly obsolete. A commitment to continuous improvement – finding ways to do things better, faster and more cost effectively – is how asset owners and contractors are ensuring their ongoing success. In drill and blast, developments in detonation systems have provided forward thinkers with Read More