ESG and social responsibility principles and standards: a guide for AusIMM members
A detailed list of well-established global sustainability principles, standards and guidance for AusIMM members ... Sign in to view full article. Read More
The long-term impacts of COVID-19 on the resources sector
In April 2020, the AusIMM Bulletin published an article by Australian-based research group State of Play on how COVID-19 was impacting the resources sector. Now in August we can reflect on how the industry initially responded to the ever-changing pandemic, and what the long-term impacts might be. ... Sign in to view full article. Read More
COVID-19 calls for ‘balanced’ strategy for technical audits
Resources and engineering projects face a growing range of audits, assessment and monitoring, but will COVID-19 restrictions on movement make it difficult for consultants to carry out this vital work? ... Sign in to view full article. Read More
Increasing the sustainability of organic waste in the resources sector
As announced in May 2020, AusIMM is collaborating with Green Eco Technologies to showcase waste-reduction opportunities for the conversion and re-purposing of putrescible organic waste. This article looks at Green Eco Technologies’ WasteMaster system, the technology behind it, and the benefits of reducing food waste as the industry continues to find ways to increase site sustainability. ... Sign in to view full article. Read More
Digital Issue 4
Resources sector update 2020: the year so far
An overview of the mining industry in 2020, its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and three key scenarios that could play out in the coming months. Despite the obvious challenges, resources professionals will continue to be well-rewarded whichever way the economy turns. ... Sign in to view full article. Read More
Profiling the attributes of resources industry managing directors
A study that looks at the skills and experiences of resources industry leaders. What might we learn about our current MDs and what might have changed in the last 20 years? ... Sign in to view full article. Read More