October 2018
Dr Alan Finkel on Australia’s resources industry: ‘It’s more than just rocks in the ground’
Australia's Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel, sees inherent value in Australia's mining industry and believes innovation in mining is greatly undervalued. Alan Finkel is an endlessly curious man. As Australia’s Chief Scientist, it’s a quality that one would expect he have, but it’s a curiosity that delves deeper than most people’s desire to know the unknown. During his speech at an AusIMM Women in Mining event in July, he discussed the genuine fascination he has with mining, comparing his Read More
August 2018
People first: mining across the globe
Stephen McIntosh has worked around the world on numerous projects, and now oversees growth and innovation at Rio Tinto from exploration through to closure. He firmly believes that all missing success comes back to a focus on people From the highlands of Papua New Guinea to the heart of Europe, Rio Tinto’s Stephen McIntosh has worked in almost 50 countries throughout his 31-year tenure with the group. ‘I’ve been privileged to work in so many countries during my 31 years with Rio Tinto and Read More