professional employment

October 2015
AusIMM’s positive response to challenging times
Thank you to all the members who contributed to the 2015 AusIMM Professional Employment survey. The results of this important annual member survey are presented in this edition of the Bulletin, and they are confronting. Unemployment amongst minerals professionals has increased yet again. For all AusIMM members the unemployment rate was 1.9 per cent in 2012. Three years later, 14.9 per cent of AusIMM members are unemployed, and we have all experienced enormous challenges as the minerals Read More
A graduate’s perspective on professional employment
Transitioning from a graduate program into a new professional role in the industry has been concerning over the last 12 months with businesses restructuring in order to cut costs, creating a sense of insecurity surrounding job prospects. Like many people in the industry, I have a number of close friends and family who have experienced redundancies over the past year, with some finding alternative employment and others returning to study. This highlights a need to become more involved Read More
A student’s perspective on professional employment
Entering my penultimate year of study as a Mining Engineer/Commerce undergraduate student, I have experienced firsthand the industry downturn since I commenced my studies in 2011. Back then, vacation work and graduate positions were plentiful, graduates would receive large sign-up bonuses and students would have the choice of multiple offers, as companies outbid each other to secure the finite pool of graduates. How times have changed! The current industrial climate has forced Read More
October 2015
The AusIMM Professional Employment Survey 2015
An analysis of professional employment in the minerals sector In June 2015 the AusIMM invited all members to complete its annual professional employment survey. There were 2266 respondents to this year’s survey, representing 26 per cent of those invited. The survey aims to provide an insight into the current state of the minerals professional employment market, as well as the future outlook. The 2015 survey summary results show: The unemployment rate is 16.2 per cent for Read More
Professional unemployment within the resources sector
Findings from the AusIMM’s Professional Employment survey of last month confirmed that there are a large number of industry professionals presently doing it tough. Speaking from 18 months of unemployment experience, not only are the unemployed doing it tough financially, they are doing it tough from a psychologically as well due the manner in which they are being treated by Government and the resources sector itself. I’m sure most professionals within the resources sector, whether Read More