open pit copper mine in Atacama desert, Chile
June 2015
A modular approach to modelling water flow and quality
An alternative method for constructing models that can be applied to a variety of situations - including modelling water flow Resource project planners are increasingly called upon to assess the long-term environmental and economic impacts of feasibility studies and for seeking regulatory approval. These assessments require the use of models to inform predictions of water flow and water quality and to identify potential changes to the systems over time. The traditional approach has been Read More
two men looking at a computer tablet
June 2015
Meeting the production efficiency challenge
Enterprise Resource Planning and Manufacturing Execution Systems are technologies that are helping drive efficiencies across the sector When the mining industry is on fire, everyone talks about a ‘boom’ and it is a boon for the nation. When economic factors impact the mining industry – and vice versa – there is talk of projects stalling and rising operating costs. Either way, the business of the mining industry keeps on keeping on, and certain business drivers necessary for an organisation Read More
landscape with unique rock pattern
June 2015
Managing geological variability
Strategies for improving mining investment returns Many mining projects come into operation on time and quickly achieve target production. This is often a result of proficient technical work involving detailed mine planning based on a good understanding of the deposit geology, as well as careful consideration of the infrastructure and construction challenges at the site. However, some mining projects fail to achieve nameplate tonnes and grade once the production phase of mining is in full Read More
April 2015
Ground Control Management Plans
Adding value via systematic review and compliance audits A systematic approach to review and auditing of Ground Control Management Plans (GCMP) for both open pit and underground operations adds value and provides a clear priority list for continued improvement. The process should be based on and tailored to meet the guidelines provided by the State Mines Inspectorate with respect to the location of the operation under review, and reflect the in-house corporate governance requirements. An Read More
February 2015
Apps for mining and planning
The mobile devices technology revolution is having a significant impact in the minerals sector, and its only just begun. Introduction The use of apps is slowly helping companies and individuals reduce their reliance on paper. For example, couriers are swapping paper dockets for app-enabled smart phones and universities are substituting text books for tablets. This change has streamlined businesses, increased productivity and reduced the need for large back offices to shuffle Read More