August 2019
Walking the talk – St Barbara’s Bob Vassie
St Barbara’s MD and CEO Bob Vassie is no stranger to hard work, and through his dynamic lead-by-example style, the company is well-poised to continue its remarkable resurgence. Bob Vassie describes himself as lucky. Born in Otago and growing up in Invercargill, he had an idyllic childhood in ‘small town New Zealand’. He was born into a loving family and he feels privileged to have had an excellent education. Crucially, he crossed paths with the mining industry at a young age, setting Read More
June 2016
Mining’s new boom
How the mining equipment, technology and services sector will help drive the sustainability of the minerals industry Fast-forward 20 years and picture what a mine will look like in Australia. Will it have people in it? Will it be just a small hole in the ground with a remotely guided robot undertaking precision extraction? Or will most mining take place in an urban setting and involve secondary metal recovery from things that are thrown away on a daily basis? For the mining equipment, Read More
June 2016
Unlocking future innovation in mining
Four key factors for improving innovation performance in the mining industry Mining has been fundamental to Australia’s economic growth and prosperity for over 150 years. However, the industry is currently facing a number of significant short- and long-term challenges that it will need to address, from declining commodity prices to greater social expectations and deeper, more complex mineral deposits. At the same time, the world is changing more rapidly than ever before, driven in part by Read More
June 2015
The power of scenario planning
Smart thinking about possible futures can allow the industry to be prepared for uncertainty We live in a world that is increasingly interconnected and rapidly changing. New business models and disruptive technologies are creating new opportunities and threatening established businesses at a faster rate than ever. This is being driven in part by the globalisation of science and technology, as well as investment in research and development around the world. Emerging technologies are Read More
Drill rig in the Pilbara
June 2015
Innovations in electronic core orientation
The need to recognise the limitations of equipment and how best to manage these risks Drill core orientation is a fundamental process for obtaining orientation data from diamond drill holes (Davis, 2014). It is essential to the mining and resources sector because it attempts to mark and determine the orientation and position of the core while in the ground. A number of tools are spruiked by companies who purport to have devices that accurately define the original orientation of the Read More
June 2015
The need for innovation in exploration and mining
New approaches to familiar practices are critical for long-term success Mineral exploration and mining are challenging businesses but are rarely considered as innovative by people outside the industry. However, both exploration and mining have a long tradition of innovation. Over the past 50 years, major step changes in exploration have resulted from radical advances in our understanding of ore forming processes; the development of new sophisticated airborne, ground and downhole Read More