Working offshore – your professional obligations
Members of the AusIMM often travel to foreign countries to undertake work assignments. Each country has its own set of laws and regulations that foreign workers must follow. This article is Indonesia-centric, but in principal applies to all AusIMM members working overseas, even for AusIMM members traveling to Australia to work. Each country’s definitions and regulations often specify what constitutes work or ‘doing business’, and may include simple office meetings, giving a Read More
February 2015
Engaging Indonesian members and delegates
Annual conference attracts 150 delegates In early November 2014 AusIMM co-sponsored a pre-convention workshop at the Indonesian Society of Economic Geologists (MGEI) Sundaland Resources Conference in Palembang, Indonesia. This exciting opportunity resulted from a series of MOUs that AusIMM Past President, Geoff Sharrock, signed with Indonesian kindred organisations, including MGEI, IAGI, IMA and PERHAPI in early 2014.    The annual conference attracted 150 delegates and was preceded by Read More