Health and Safety

Managing mental health during COVID-19
On 7 April 2020 AusIMM hosted a COVID-19 webinar entitled Resources Sector Update: an OHS Perspective. Mental health was mentioned numerous times throughout the webinar with a consensus that the industry needs to increase their focus on managing mental health in the current climate. There have been dramatic changes to many aspects of our lives. For most, our work and social situations have changed changed drastically, both of which has caused a collective anxiety across the world. Read More
April 2019
Safety: our most vital resource
As professionals, we all have a responsibility to be safety leaders and to foster a safe workplace for every worker in the resources sector. In the resources sector, leaders have a vital role to play when it comes to making workplaces healthy and safe. And when it comes to safety, leaders exist at all levels of an organisation – and they wield a powerful influence on an organisation’s overall safety culture.  Ensuring employers provide a safe workplace for their people is a big part of Read More
April 2019
Fatigue risk in your operations – real or rubbish?
Is fatigue just a buzz word in occupational health and safety or is it a real phenomenon that is creating safety and organisational risks? Operator fatigue is responsible for significant injuries and losses across many key industry segments. It is one of the most overlooked influences in understanding human error and accident causation. Fatigue is often looked at as a contributing factor with no real solution, rather than a primary causal factor that can be prevented. Within mining Read More
April 2019
Creating a world-class safety system
Action Drill & Blast's industry-leading safety system, ActionSAFE, is the product of collaborative internal development to create a program that would lead the industry in professionalism and safety. Exceeding Australian industry benchmarks for health and safety across our operations was paramount during the design process. The concept of understanding risk in the workplace, then making commitments and taking action to reduce that risk, is nothing new. What’s challenging, and what’s Read More
Ensure your Health and Safety leaders are recognised – nominate for an AusIMM Award
The AusIMM presents a series of annual awards that recognise excellence and acknowledge significant contributions to the minerals industry and The AusIMM. Members and other interested parties are encouraged to submit nominations for each year's awards. Online nominations are preferred, however you may also submit nominations by facsimile or mail to the Chief Executive Officer, PO Box 660, Carlton South, Victoria 3053, or Fax: 03 9662 3534. Full guidelines for each award are Read More
Erosion-driven slope instabilities
Managing progressive erosion and chasm enlargement risks in a high rainfall environment at Ok Tedi copper-gold mine Introduction Ok Tedi is a large open pit copper-gold mine situated at an altitude of 2000 m above sea level in the Star Mountains of the Western Province of Papua New Guinea. Current excavated slopes range from 500 m to 800 m in height and planned future slopes will be 1000 m high. Annual precipitation in excess of 12 000 mm has been recorded adjacent to the mine site. Read More