February 2019
CEO’s editorial: Capitalising on our strengths and delivering value
2019 is off to a strong start following on from our 125-year anniversary celebrations. As an organisation with a remarkable history, we are continuing to build the foundations to ensure the long-term success of the Institute. 2019 will see AusIMM continue to build our brand and reputation as a more inclusive, relevant and contemporary organisation. To support this, we are pleased to announce the appointment of a new Member Engagement Manager as well as a new staff member based in Western Read More
October 2018
President’s editorial: Hitting the mark with Future Directions
It has been a year since the AusIMM Board and Management Team communicated a clear, purposeful direction for our Institute, called Future Directions.  One part of this strategy that I am particularly proud of is our recently announced online JORC e-training program.This is a game changer for AusIMM. In our industry, JORC is fundamental. It exemplifies the trust placed in our professionals by the wider community. AusIMM identified a market need for high-quality training in understanding Read More
October 2018
CEO’s editorial: Delivering on our promises
In my recent travels, it has been pleasing to hear the positive feedback from members and key stakeholders who are seeing AusIMM become a more relevant and influential organisation. Modernising the way we deliver our services is critical to our strategy. For example, our new streamlined membership application process makes AusIMM a more inclusive and welcoming association for all resources professionals. We are also delivering a more contemporary program of conferences and events to Read More
August 2018
President’s editorial: A more inclusive AusIMM
As AusIMM members, our communities look to us to uphold the highest professional standards, from the Codes we apply in our work to the way we treat each other. Our Board is committed to AusIMM being a more inclusive and welcoming organisation – not only because this is aligned to our own Code of Ethics but because we believe we will be a more effective organisation, and in turn will provide leadership across the broader industry. I am extremely proud to be leading an organisation that is Read More
February 2017
Building careers through professional development
As we all return to work following the end of year break, I’d like to wish all members a very happy and successful 2017 and I look forward to meeting and working with many of you. We begin the year with a focus on the expanded professional development opportunities and the modes of delivery that the AusIMM will offer to all members in 2017. By offering a wide range of professional development services and opportunities, the AusIMM enables our members to continually improve their Read More
April 2015
AusIMM’s By-Laws and Royal Charter: underpinning excellence in governance
The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy was founded in 1893 as a group of individual minerals professionals working together with a focus on professional excellence. In 1955 the AusIMM was incorporated by Royal Charter, turning it from a collection of individuals into a single legal entity. The Royal Charter and By-Laws are the fundamental governance documents that underpin AusIMM’s existence, purpose and operations. As well as creating the AusIMM as a corporate legal entity, Read More