Country Snapshot

June 2019
Country snapshot: Finland
Perched at the extremes of Northern Europe, Finland is continually contributing to the resources industry and fast becoming a force in many aspects of modern life. Known as one of the five traditional Nordic countries and located in the north of Europe, Finland is home to over 5 500 000 people. The primary language spoken is Finnish, with the second most common being Swedish.  Finland is one of the countries best to view the famous Aurora Borealis from, with the Northern Read More
April 2019
Country Snapshot: Canada
One of the world's mining powerhouses, Canada enjoys a prosperous and stable industry that is the envy of many nations around the world Universally known as one of the greatest mining countries in the world, Canada is one of the largest exporters of metals and minerals. Canada is made up of ten provinces and three territories, and has a population of more than 37 million people. Its most populated city is Toronto, with 5 429 000 people, while the capital city, Ottawa, is only the sixth Read More
February 2019
Country Snapshot: South Africa
A well-known mining nation with a significant mineral endowment, rising costs, decreased commodity prices and political uncertainty are major barriers to South Africa's once world-leading levels of production [caption id="attachment_14921" align="alignright" width="359"] South Africa - key facts.[/caption] South Africa is home to more than 50 million people and has a well-established large-scale mining industry dating back to the 19th century. Despite the mining industry bringing in Read More
October 2018
Country Snapshot: Chile
[caption id="attachment_14291" align="alignright" width="388"] Key facts: Chile.[/caption] A prosperous and politically stable nation, Chile enjoys abundant natural resources and is the world's largest producer of copper Chile is a country of nearly 18 million people that occupies a narrow stretch of land running down the west coast of South America. Its neighbours are Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, and the country is bordered to the west by the Pacific Ocean, with the Drake Passage to Read More
August 2018
Country Snapshot: Ecuador
Despite ongoing challenges surrounding small-scale illegal mining operations, Ecuador has potential to see more authorised large-scale mining activity as the government works to attract companies to the mostly unexplored country Ecuador sits on the equator on the western coast of South America, bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Colombia and Peru. It is desirably situated within the Andes, with known high-value mineral resources including antimony, iron ore, silver and world-class deposits Read More
February 2018
Country Snapshot: Brazil
Brazil is a global player in the resources sector, and the country’s mines produce and export some of the world’s highest quality iron ore Brazil is a federal republic of 26 states and is the largest country in South America by both population and land area. It features a coastline of more than 7000 km in length along the Atlantic Ocean, and the country houses much of the Amazon River basin. Brazil’s official language is Portuguese, and the country was named after the brazilwood tree Read More