Consultants Society seminar: Getting value from your professional advisors
If ever there was a time for the mining industry and the consultants who service them to talk, it is now. On Thursday 25 August at the Grand Chancellor Hotel in Brisbane, immediately after the International Mine Management 2016 conference, the AusIMM Consulting Society is running a seminar around the topic of 'Getting value from your professional advisors'. This will be a very important event for both the industry and for consultants and aspiring consultants. The seminar will Read More
Supporting AusIMM members working in consulting
This article is based on material presented by Stephen Hancock in his article 'Getting value for money from consultants to the mining industry'. The varied roles of consultants in the minerals industry The mining industry, as we all know, comprises an extraordinarily diverse community. It ranges from mega-organisations, at both operational and regulatory levels, leveraging ongoing authority over multiple resource exploitation activities, to small concerns involved mostly in niche areas Read More
April 2016
Weathering the perfect storm: how mining consultants can survive the downturn
The past few years have created a difficult environment for many consulting firms, but the skills of consultants are still vital to the industry The last three years have been pretty rough for the mining industry; and when mining companies sneeze, the mining services sector catches a cold. But what happens to mining consultants when the mining companies have chronic pneumonia and it lasts for three years with no end in sight? Let me share the Snowden experience and how we have Read More
Managing your risks as a consultant
Understanding your risk as a consultant, and finding an appropriate insurance cover, is vital to ensure any liability is minimised The transition from an employee to an independent consultant can be an exciting one: new opportunities, independence, and control over your working future. But it can also be a daunting change that brings new risks, signing contracts, personal accountability and personal liability. A range of questions arise: Can I be sued? Do I fully understand what Read More
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Choosing Professional Indemnity insurance
There are several insurance providers who offer Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance. The offerings range from policies offered by reputable insurance firms to ‘cheap and cheerful’ policies available via the internet. In selecting your PI insurer it is important to evaluate the adequacy of cover offered, as well as the cost. Some low-cost policies contain broad exclusions which can take away large amounts of cover and leave the consultant significantly exposed in the event of a Read More