Notes from the AusIMM WIMnet Chair
As I get more and more immersed in diversity and trying to understand what has an impact on the attraction and acceptance of different groups in the workforce, there are a few topics of conversation that keep popping up. One of those is answering why certain people achieve heights in their careers that seem to be out of reach for others. Is it because they are the best at what they do? Is it because they are extremely committed to their career? Is it because they are practiced magicians Read More
My adventures in the mining industry
When you talk to an average person about mining, the first image that comes to their mind is a dirty, sweating, hulk of a man, lifting heavy equipment with foul language streaming from his tobacco-filled mouth. I’m here to dismantle that stereotype. True, all of the drillers I have met to date are men, but they range in size from short to tall, young to old, single to family men. During the six years I have spent working in exploration and production mining, I have met some amazing Read More
Highlights from the eighth CME Women in Resources Awards, Western Australia
More than 1000 people turned out for the 2017 Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia (CME) Women in Resources Awards (WIRA) on Friday 3 March. This is the eighth year of these awards and as always showcased some amazing and diverse talent in the resources industry. [caption id="attachment_10212" align="alignnone" width="800"] L-R: John Galvin, Vanessa Torres, Sharron Freitas, Rachel Leong.[/caption] Annabel Crabb was the MC for the event and kept the audience Read More
WIMnet SA Ignite program for emerging female leaders
It is well reported that organisations experience higher profitability, market share, innovation, ROI, productivity, customer satisfaction and employee engagement when they have diversity among leaders in their business. There is significant scope to take advantage of this in our own industry. Over the last two years, WIMnetSA has been building its relationship with Inkling Women, a professional development provider driven by the belief that the world will be a much better place once 50 Read More
Secondary geoscience education inspiring future geoscientists in SA
An insight into the 2016 Geoscience Summer School run by the Department of State Development There is a fantastic Geosciences Summer School that now operates each year out of the new State Drill Core Reference Library in Tonsley. The intensive, eight-day program is equivalent to one school term and delves into a number of geoscience streams while also illustrating broader science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) applications. Specific topics covered include mineralogy, Read More
Book review: An Inconvenient Life – My Unconventional Career as a Wellsite Geologist
Amanda Barlow is a wellsite geologist who has grown up working in a 'man’s world'. During her career, it was not unusual for her to be the only female on a rig with 180 men, although for Amanda this came with the job she loved. Her second book, titled An Inconvenient Life, documents her unconventional career as a wellsite geologist in the cyclic mining and oil and gas industries, while balancing life as a wife and mother of three. Amanda makes it clear her book is not a blueprint for Read More