Women in railways
Hi, my name is Jody Sainsbury and I am a train driver for BMA Rail – the new kids on the block in delivering coal from BMA coal mine sites within the Bowen Basin to Hay Point Coal Terminal. The coal is then transferred to ships for transport to customers around the world. Firstly, it is essential that you take the time to identify what gives you energy and excites you – a role that gets you out of bed in the morning. I leapt at the offer to step out of my box and hit the track running Read More
How to prepare yourself for the boardroom
Much like when you build a house, starting with a solid foundation as you start your board journey will help you to build a successful long-term board career. How do you build a solid board foundation and become board-ready in a way that will help you now and in to the future? It helps to focus on these three key areas: Mind set Understand that you’ll never really feel ‘ready’ to join a board. It’s one of those things that you have to take the leap and give it a try. This is Read More
WIMnetSA and Inkling Women: strengthening South Australia
In 2016, the AusIMM WIMnetSA committee decided to offer something different to our members in South Australia, so we partnered with Inkling Women to host a unique leadership program. The program stemmed from the idea that WIMnetSA is an organisation who could assemble South Australia’s best and brightest, and provide leadership training for companies who did not have the resources to undertake their own internally. We asked companies to identify ‘high potential’ future or current Read More
Notes from the AusIMM WIMnet Chair
The Variety Bash is an opportunity for those individuals who spend the year raising funds for the children’s charity Variety to have some fun, while at the same time seeing where the money they raised goes, with a number of grants handed out along the way to kids in need. [caption id="attachment_11651" align="alignleft" width="220"] Kate Hobbs.[/caption] Last month I was fortunate enough to go on my seventh Variety Bash event in eight years as an entrant in one of the bash Read More
WIMnet and the University of Tasmania student engagement events
The University of Tasmania AusIMM and WIMnet student chapter groups have been active over the past few months. In early June, we hosted an informal ‘postgraduate – undergraduate social’. Although we all share the same building, it can be easy to socialise only within our respective degrees. The purpose of the event was to introduce undergraduate students to the idea of what postgraduate work can offer, the different paths that have led students to take on a PhD, and the jobs they plan on Read More
WIMnet Victoria 2017 Christmas in July Lunch: challenging the diversity and inclusion status quo
‘As an industry, a country and a world, we’ve not yet fully harnessed the power and benefits of diversity. Without inclusion, diversity is simply another buzz-word and an aspirational goal that falls by the wayside along with many other failed business rhetoric and initiatives. Much has been said and written about the bottom line impacts of gender diversity, but while gender diversity is a strategic priority, creating an inclusive workplace culture is also a business imperative.’ Gabriela Read More