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Digital content for MinSoc members
In its continual focus on how to best serve its members, the AusIMM is developing platforms for improved delivery of digital content. Where historically options have been limited by issues such as bandwidth, the quality and method of delivery to most geographical locations has now increased considerably.  AusIMM currently delivers webinars, both live and recorded as well as recorded technical meetings and conference presentations. While AusIMM is developing more convenient platforms for Read More
Real deposit data requested for student use
In 2010, staff at Adolfo Ibáñez University, University of Chile, and Colorado School of Mines created a website called Minelib along with an associated published paper in the Annals of Operations Research. The website contains a small number of open pit mine block models for mine planning optimisation research. The success of the library is illustrated by the fact that the paper has been cited over 60 times in peer-reviewed journals. This year it is hoped to expand the variety of Read More
stack of papers
An assessment of the Transactions of the Institutions of Mining and Metallurgy – Section A
As stated on the AusIMM website ‘The AusIMM and The IOM3 (London, UK) collaboratively produce a series of highly technical journals, containing papers covering cutting edge science and technology in the industry, entitled the Transactions of the Institutions of Mining and Metallurgy, incorporating The AusIMM Proceedings. At a recent Mining Society meeting in 2016 the question was asked if the Transactions Section A – Mining Technology were too academic? The aim of this brief article is Read More
MinSoc Distinguished Lecture Series, Ballarat
Federation University Australia hosted a technical seminar organised by the AusIMM Central Victoria Branch at the Mount Helen Campus on Friday 9 September 2016. The all-day seminar was titled 'Living on the edge – enhancing mine performance through innovation' and was followed that evening by the President's Dinner. The event included many presentations across a range of geology, mining engineering and metallurgy themes. One of the highlights was the presentation by Brian Hall of his Read More
Succession planning for mining professionals
Succession planning is important to the careers of all professionals, as you train a replacement allowing you to move onto greater things, or take enjoyment in later years as you pass on experience to those in your team. However, succession planning is often left behind due to pressure of busy day-to-day roles, or a human resource department overcomplicating a good idea. The recent downturn in the minerals industry has further challenged the ideas of good succession planning, ranging Read More
Mental health training in resource degrees
In years gone by in the minerals and resource industry, the environmental impact and physical health concerns were topics that did not get much coverage. Now they are integrated into how we do business. They followed the likely path of all issues: firstly they were recognised and defined as a problem, studies done on their effects and how to mitigate them, and then integrated into the way socially conscious companies conduct their business. Mental health issues in the industry have Read More