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Feedback: Community and Environmental aspects within JORC and VALMIN
Overview Earlier this year a working group was formed within the AusIMM Community and Environment (C&E) Society to improve the awareness of community and environment issues across disciplines in the context of JORC / VALMIN reporting.  Further details on the background and formation of this group are available here. This group has been working on a set of draft FAQs to assist Competent Persons (CPs) in the preparation of Public Reports in accordance with the JORC and VALMIN Read More
Launch of the Leading Practice Sustainable Development Program handbooks
One of the resource programs of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science is the Leading Practice Sustainable Development Program for the Mining Industry. This program 'promotes sustainable development and industry self-regulation through the proactive adoption of leading practice principles. The program was launched in 2006 and elements updated in 2016. The underpinning principle of the program is to support the adoption of best practice approaches, attitudes and Read More
2016 AusIMM New Leaders’ Conference – ‘Design a Mine in a Morning’ workshop
The AusIMM New Leaders' Conference was held in Brisbane from 19-20 September 2016, prior to the Australian National Mining games at the University of Queensland mine at JK Tech. The New Leaders' Conference is a venue for university students and recent graduates. Over 220 attendees were present for the conference, which was a great success. On 20 September Dale Sims hosted a two-hour 'minds on' workshop exercise to get the students thinking about the risks they may face at various Read More
Notes from the Community and Environment Society Chair – September 2016
Welcome to the Community and Environment (C&E) Society newsletter, containing an overview of recent activity in the C&E space. Please take the time to visit the C&E section of the AusIMM Bulletin website and the articles featured in this newsletter. It has been a busy first half of the year for the Committee, activities have included: Progressing the discussion of consideration of Community and Environmental issues into the JORC dialogue, including a breakfast panel Read More
Natural landscape features incorporated into mine rehabilitation at Mangoola mine
Each year a Scientific Committee is brought together to support the Tom Farrell Institute with their planning of an annual mine rehabilitation forum in the Hunter Valley. During the Sixth Annual Mined Land Rehabilitation Forum this year, site inspections of Mangoola mine and Hunter Valley operations were included. At Mangoola, participants observed rehabilitation works in progress, including the handling and re-use of topsoil (see photo) as part of the process of ultimately Read More
AusIMM C&E Society provide industry input on review of MEA course
  During August 2016, C&E Society Committee members Corinne Unger (Environmental Consultant specialising in mine rehabilitation and closure planning) and Stuart Winchester (Principal GeoEnvironmental Scientist – Energy and Resources, GHD) participated in a two day review workshop in Sydney for the course ‘Socio-Environmental Aspects of Mining’ (SEAM) with Simit Raval (Lecturer, UNSW Mining Engineering; Co-Director, Laboratory for Imaging of the Mining Environment UNSW), Michael Read More