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Book review: Sludge – Disaster on Victoria’s Goldfields
Book by Susan Lawrence and Peter Davies What was the environmental impact of historical gold mining on Victoria’s rivers? This is the question that Sludge answers, a book born out of an Australian Research Council-funded academic collaboration between researchers from the disciplines of industrial archaeology, history, geomorphology and environmental chemistry. While there is a plethora of published works on the mining history of Victoria, these largely focus on the economic, Read More
Book review: Posting to Mongolia – A Personal Perspective
Book by Andrew Cuthbertson Committee members of the AusIMM Social & Environment Society were recently offered the opportunity to review a book written by Andrew Cuthbertson titled: Posting to Mongolia – A Personal Perspective. I jumped at the chance to relive my own three years living in Mongolia. I naively thought the review would be a quick fact-check to make sure that the author had reported on more than the shenanigans of expats in country, and managed to account for the Read More
December 2019
Book review: The Geology and Resources of New Zealand Coalfields (AusIMM Monograph 33)
Edited by Alan Sherwood It’s rare to see a monograph written by a sole author, but I can’t think of any other practicing coal geologist in New Zealand aside from Alan Sherwood that has the breadth of knowledge, literary skill and professional character to carry this off. Monograph 33 is an authoritative, some might say overdue, update on NZ coal deposits and the resources they contain. It runs to 279 pages and is supplemented with six appendices. The colour maps, cross-sections Read More
December 2019
Book review: Metals are where you find them: Geologist’s travels through six continents
Professor Peter Laznicka is the creator of Data Metallogenica, an unrivalled mineral collection from ore deposits worldwide. I have appreciated using this collection in my research and teaching, and we should regard it as a national treasure. This is a fascinating book covering Laznicka’s lifetime from humble beginnings in (what was then) Czechoslovakia to a career in mid-western Canada and then a new career in Australia. It is a serious economic geology book and yet written in a Read More
October 2019
Book review: Society of Economic Geologists: Guidebook Series Volume 60
Precious Metal Epithermal and Porphyry Deposits of the Maricunga Belt, and Copper-Silver IOCG Deposits of Northern Chile Edited by Borden Putnam, Rael Lipson, K Brock Riedell and Ryan Taylor The publication of short-form SEGF student field trip notes (undertaken in January 2019, led by William X Chavez and Erich Petersen) covering specific geological domains with mines and prospects is a welcome and innovative product for industry professionals and researchers. The format is Read More
August 2019
Book Review: A History – Placer Development Limited and Placer Dome Inc
Compiled by Nean Allman and Justin Baulch Nean Allman and Justin Baulch have compiled an impressive documentation of a long-lived and constantly evolving mining and exploration company. The book details the growth of a company with a notable, dominantly gold-focused discovery record. I must admit that the volume is not what I expected when I agreed to review it. With apologies to the compilers, I was expecting a stale documentation of exploration and mining activities, with little Read More