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August 2019
Book Review: A History – Placer Development Limited and Placer Dome Inc
Compiled by Nean Allman and Justin Baulch Nean Allman and Justin Baulch have compiled an impressive documentation of a long-lived and constantly evolving mining and exploration company. The book details the growth of a company with a notable, dominantly gold-focused discovery record. I must admit that the volume is not what I expected when I agreed to review it. With apologies to the compilers, I was expecting a stale documentation of exploration and mining activities, with little Read More
February 2019
Book Review: Australia’s Nickel Adventure by Ross Louthean and Carl Knox-Robinson
[caption id="attachment_14824" align="alignright" width="222"] Australia's Nickel Adventure.[/caption] This is a remarkable and unusual book that chronicles the history of Australia’s most volatile (and to many, including myself, most interesting) mining commodity. This is an industry that has soared to great heights on more than one occasion but has also been written off many times. Today, at the brink of the Electric Vehicle revolution, there is much optimism that it may be about to Read More
December 2018
Book Review: The Social Terrains of Mine Closure in the Philippines
Book author: Minerva Chaloping-March The social aspects of mining have always presented a major challenge to industry, and at the end of mine life the social dimensions (socio-economic, human rights, access to livelihoods, etc) often intensify. Yet, as Chaloping-March points out in The Social Terrains of Mine Closure, while mine closure planning may be promoted as good business practice, industry and government frequently focus on technical, precautionary and biophysical aspects, with less Read More
December 2018
Book Review: Mineral Resources – from exploration to sustainability assessment
Book author: Manuel Bustillo Revuelta One of the great attractions of this book is its breadth and potential use as a one-stop shop for a wide range of mineral industry professionals. There are seamless connections between chapters that re-enforce how the mineral industry does, or should, work cooperatively between the professions, and the author has achieved a consistent approach that would be difficult to maintain with multiple authors. The structure of the book makes it easy to use; it Read More
October 2018
Book Review: Mining and Sustainable Development
The term ‘sustainable development’ is rarely paired with the extractives sector; however, the book Mining and Sustainable Development: Current Issues (2018), edited by Sumit K Lodhia, does just that. [caption id="attachment_14094" align="alignright" width="196"] Mining and Sustainable Development (2018).[/caption] The book provides insight into current and historical challenges relating to the extractives sector in terms of sustainability and development from a variety of Read More
August 2018
Book review: Mandarins & Mavericks – Remembering Western Mining 1933-2005
An insight into 'the University of WMC' [caption id="attachment_13602" align="alignright" width="271"] Mandarins & Mavericks: Remembering Western Mining 1933-2005.[/caption] Mandarins & Mavericks – Remembering Western Mining 1933-2005 tells a great Australian story. Written by respected author and journalist Martin Summons, this is a book about people, their visions, their many successes and the odd hiccup – which is inevitable when you factor in human frailty, luck, commodity Read More