February 2018

The stories of our resources professionals

  • By Colin Moorhead FAusIMM(CP) President, AusIMM

Few organisations have the privilege to celebrate their 125th anniversary.

Our modern global resources industry of today looks very different to how it was back in 1893. The sheer scale and complexity of 21st century mining would surpass what most people from that time could have ever imagined.

This milestone is testament to the people of our industry, past and present. During our 125 year anniversary celebrations, we will tell the story – with our members and the wider public – about the global influence of our resources professionals and the vital contribution they have made to the prosperity of our nations.

Our anniversary is a time to reflect on the past and an opportunity to focus on AusIMM’s critical role in shaping a better future. As with the past 125 years, it will be our dedicated resources professionals who ensure the ongoing wellbeing of our industry, create community benefits and ensure our practices deliver safe and sustainable outcomes.

Our defining role at the AusIMM is to build and represent a community of resources professionals. We are working diligently to modernise our organisation to meet the challenges of the future.

2018 is a momentous year for the AusIMM. I wish you all a safe and successful year and look forward to meeting with many of you as we celebrate the remarkable stories of the people of our industry and the AusIMM.

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