August 2019

President’s editorial: Making our voice heard

  • By Janine Herzig, FAusIMM(CP) President, AusIMM

In my previous editorial I spoke about AusIMM’s critical role as the Trusted Voice of resources professionals. Given this initiative underpins our Future Directions strategy, in which AusIMM is transforming into a more contemporary and influential organisation, I wish to expand on what being the Trusted Voice means – for us as professionals, for our industry and for the communities we are part of.

Being the Trusted Voice is about having a visible profile and a strong position on key issues. This is more than simply increasing our media coverage. It is about having a voice of credibility and influence and being ‘the single source of truth’. This is vital if we are to share our story – who we are and the values we operate by.
Being the Trusted Voice also allows us to collaborate more closely with key decision makers across governments, industry and education. As we build on these partnerships, we can advocate for the issues that are important to our members, our industry and our communities.
In a society where we are being bombarded with information, misrepresentation and spin, having real credibility as the Trusted Voice allows AusIMM to rise above the noise and be heard.
As we become more recognised, and our voice more trusted, AusIMM’s influence grows and we are better able to represent our members on the issues that matter, and serve our industries and communities to the highest possible standards.

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