August 2018

President’s editorial: A more inclusive AusIMM

  • By Colin Moorhead FAusIMM(CP), President, AusIMM

As AusIMM members, our communities look to us to uphold the highest professional standards, from the Codes we apply in our work to the way we treat each other.

Our Board is committed to AusIMM being a more inclusive and welcoming organisation – not only because this is aligned to our own Code of Ethics but because we believe we will be a more effective organisation, and in turn will provide leadership across the broader industry.

I am extremely proud to be leading an organisation that is taking a strong leadership position in this space. This year we have formed our Council for Diversity and Inclusion, whose role is to ensure the equality of opportunity for all members regardless of professional background, race, ethnicity, heritage, gender, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status.

We are starting to formulate strong plans in this area, and it will be critical that we support these plans to ensure we are a true leader. AusIMM’s membership is currently not fully representative of the people that we know make up our industry. Importantly, our Council for Diversity and Inclusion is committed to achieving tangible results that will benefit the whole sector.

Our work in this area is vital if we are to truly fulfil our role as the Trusted Voice of all resources professionals. 

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