February 2019

President’s editorial: A future and people-focused AusIMM

  • By Janine Herzig, FAusIMM(CP) President, AusIMM

AusIMM has been an important part of my life for almost 30 years and I am very honoured to have been elected president for 2019. I am looking forward to meeting and engaging with all of our members across Australia and the globe – those who I already know and those that I am yet to meet – as well as all resources professionals.

The heart of AusIMM is our people and one of our key strengths is our diverse and multidisciplinary membership, which allows us to work together, learn from each other and support one another.

As we step into 2019, our Future Directions strategy is about leveraging AusIMM’s strengths (our brand and reputation, world class professional development offerings, and our committed and loyal volunteer membership base) and implementing a modern and contemporary strategy to ensure we sustain our relevance in the future.

This modernisation is well underway, beginning with an overhaul of governance and membership application processes, our Chartered Professional program, our new e-learning platform and stage one of our new website. We are now soundly positioned to continue this momentum with the next stages of the strategy.

Along with my fellow Board Members and the AusIMM Management Team, I aim to ensure that AusIMM upholds itself as the ‘Trusted Voice’ and continues to establish its relevance to all industry professionals.

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