April 2015

Building the Institute through our Communities of Interest

  • By Rex Berthelsen FAusIMM(CP), President, AusIMM

The AusIMM’s annual Congress is an essential part of our Institute’s annual calendar. Congress is a three-day annual meeting of the Institute. It brings together representatives of all of the Institute’s ‘Communities of Interest’: Branches, Student Chapters, Societies and Committees, and AusIMM Board members. It gives us a valuable opportunity to work together with key staff of the Institute.

This year’s Congress is being hosted from Friday 17 to Sunday 19 April in Fremantle by the Perth Branch, AusIMM’s largest Branch. Congress is a chance for the representatives of each AusIMM group – each of our Communities of Interest – to contribute to the ongoing development of the Institute’s strategic directions.

The 2015 Congress theme is: ‘Building the Institute through our Communities of Interest’. The theme highlights the importance of the Institute’s many groups and the value that members place on the activities they generate including:

  • Branches and Student Chapters providing a focus and hub for activity at a local level
  • Societies and Committees such as the Community and Environment Society and the Health and Safety Committee providing a focus on particular areas of professional practice
  • The Chartered Professional Board and Consultants Society providing professional accreditation and support services that are vitally important to Institute members who want or need to have their commitment to professional leadership and best practice independently verified.

Congress is an opportunity for the Institute’s issues to be discussed in one forum. It builds a stronger Institute by providing a dedicated annual forum, giving representatives of every AusIMM community of interest a chance to understand and influence the strategic direction of the Institute.

Congress is invaluable for the AusIMM Board. As President for 2015, it is my job to lead the Board in setting the strategic direction of the Institute and ensuring that the Institute can deliver in its commitment to members through effective governance systems and efficient program delivery. Congress is a crucial input to the Board’s work on AusIMM’s Strategic Plan.

A key element of the 2015 Congress will be providing early input into a review of AusIMM’s By-Laws and Royal Charter. For more information, please see the CEO’s editorial in this edition. Input from members is very welcome, and any changes proposed will be considered by members at a future General Meeting of the Institute.

As happens each year, Congress will generate exciting ideas for new initiatives. Perhaps more importantly, it will allow many small improvements to be made as Congress delegates share their own experiences so that others can learn and improve.

By sharing success stories and lessons learned, Congress gives delegates new skills and strategies to effectively lead and work with their own group – whether it be a Branch that wants to improve its networking events, or a Society looking to collaborate with other AusIMM groups.

Congress is an enjoyable and positive forum for all delegates. It is an event that builds and strengthens productive working relationships amongst members and generates innovations that are essential for the future success of our Institute. Just as best practice professionalism keeps developing, so too must AusIMM keep evolving – and Congress is a crucial forum for members to contribute to that evolution.

In closing, let me congratulate all of the 2015 AusIMM Award recipients. Brief overviews of each winner are included in this edition of the Bulletin, and there is more detail available in the Bulletin online (www.ausimmbulletin.com). The 2015 AusIMM Awards Dinner is being held in conjunction with Congress on Saturday 18 April, and it promises to be a wonderful night, focussed on celebrating the contributions of individuals who have made leading contributions to AusIMM and to the minerals sector.

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