February 2018

Celebrating the past and shaping the future

  • By Stephen Durkin MAusIMM, CEO, AusIMM

The AusIMM is entering its 125th year in wonderful shape to celebrate our extraordinary milestone, at a time when we are re-establishing ourselves as a more contemporary, financially sustainable organisation.

We have a clear Future Directions strategy that has been developed by the Board and Management Team. We have streamlined our member application process, launched a new Chartered Professional Program and modernised our governing documents, with the new Royal Charter now in effect and an incorporated model established in New Zealand.

Fundamental to our strategy is our focus on digital platforms. We are investing in technology to deliver more effective online services to ensure we are a more modern professional organisation.

We will also continue to build on our Trusted Voice initiative in 2018 by connecting with regulators, educators and the public to better represent our practitioners and the vital work of our members.

2018 will see a year-long program of events and activities to celebrate our 125th anniversary. This includes telling the stories of people who have shaped the industry through our ‘125 faces’ campaign, and our flagship Thought Leadership Series across Australia and New Zealand where we will together explore the future of resources professionals.

The AusIMM Board and Management Team are very much looking forward to our milestone year as we celebrate our past, reflect on AusIMM’s critical role in representing the professionals who will shape our future, and help build our members’ reputation with all stakeholders as world-leaders in resources.

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