An assessment of the Transactions of the Institutions of Mining and Metallurgy – Section A

  • By Michael Tuck MAusIMM, Associate Professor of Mining Engineering, Federation University Australia

As stated on the AusIMM website ‘The AusIMM and The IOM3 (London, UK) collaboratively produce a series of highly technical journals, containing papers covering cutting edge science and technology in the industry, entitled the Transactions of the Institutions of Mining and Metallurgy, incorporating The AusIMM Proceedings.

At a recent Mining Society meeting in 2016 the question was asked if the Transactions Section A – Mining Technology were too academic? The aim of this brief article is to answer that question by reviewing the papers published in 2016.

Firstly some background. The transactions are a highly rated journal in the academic arena where journals etc have been ranked to assess the impact of work published by academics. The published papers undergo a rigorous refereeing process to ensure high quality; as such it is possible to see where the original question originated from. However, cutting edge science and technology in the industry does not only originate from universities.

Examining the 2016 data, a total of 25 papers were published. Of the 25 papers, 16 were authored solely by academics, four by industry members and the remaining five jointly by academics and industry members. These figures appear to give some weight to the original question. Digging more deeply, 14 of the papers were practical industry case studies or accounts of industry applications. This means that 56 per cent of the papers in 2016 were direct practical applications in the mining industry. Of the remaining 44 per cent, the majority of these included demonstration or examples using industry data. Analysis of previous year’s shows similar data trends.

What can be concluded? Academics make up the majority of the authors, but the papers published have a strong industry focus in a practical sense – exactly what the transactions were designed to do. If more industry papers are wanted in the transactions with less academic written ones there is only one thing to do: more industry-based authors should submit to the transactions.

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