Workshop discusses bullying and resilience in the workplace

  • By Julie Thomas

Approximately 35 people attended an AusIMM WIMnet Hunter Valley event on R U OK Day (September 13, 2018) to discuss bullying and resilience in the workplace.

There was a good mixture of men and women from a wide variety of organisations in attendance. Two guest speakers provided us with an insight into bullying and resilience.

George Lianos (8 Days A Week) provided us with insight into what behaviours a bully exhibits, signs to look for that someone is being bullied and how we can help people being bullied. He also explained to us the difference between empathy (I feel what you feel) and compassion (I hear what you are saying). Empathy focuses on problem solving while compassion focuses on solution finding.

Jonathon Lawler (Bengalla Mining Company) provided us with additional information on workplace bullying and introduced us to incivility in the workplace. Incivility can be defined as deviant workplace behaviour of low intensity that can include such behaviours as being rude, discourteous, impolite, or violating workplace norms of behaviour.

Both speakers were asked a lot of questions from the audience with the conversation continuing after the guest speakers had finished.

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WIMnet Hunter Valley R U OK Day event.
There were approximately 35 attendees at the event.
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