Top ten most-read online Bulletin articles published in 2016

  • By AusIMM

1st: Break-even is broken by Julian Poniewierski FAusIMM(CP) and Brian Hall FAusIMM(CP)

2nd: Exploration – never a better time to partner by Stephen McIntosh FAusIMM

3rd: ‘But you’re a girl…?’ – Emma Haddon on her career in mining by Emma Haddon

4th: The future of finance in mining by Sara Prendergast MAusIMM

5th: An outlook on the rare earth elements mining industry by George Barakos MAusIMM, Helmut Mischo and Jens Gutzmer

6th: Modern mining geology by Steve Rose FAusIMM(CP) and Gerry Fahey FAusIMM

7th: Weathering the perfect storm: how mining consultants can survive the downturn by Tarrant Elkington MAusIMM

8th: Can the theory of constraints guide the next wave of mining productivity improvement? by Tarrant Elkington MAusIMM and Anthony Finch MAusIMM(CP)

9th: Mining’s new boom by Christine Gibbs Stewart, CEO, Austmine

10th: Mine closure – are we using the right drivers? by Darren Murphy and Joanne Heyes MAusIMM

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