Short course: Epithermal Au-Ag and Porphyry Cu-Au Exploration

  • By Dale Sims

Dr Greg Corbett is offering his course on epithermal and porphyry mineralisation systems in Sydney in early December this year with co-presenter and able side-kick Stuart Hayward.

Neither Greg nor Stuart need much introduction, being long-term workers in Pacific Rim mineralisation exploration and applied research. Greg and the late Terry Leach wrote ‘the book’ on Southwest Pacific Rim Copper Gold Systems which was published by the SEG in the late 90s and now although sadly out of print is joyously available for free download from Greg’s website ( An update of this publication is in development and will be distributed at the course in December.

This course will aim mainly to assist our students and early career professionals to develop their skills in understanding these world class deposits although any and all industry geoscientists will gain much from their participation. Having done this course before with Greg I can recommend it to all geoscientists but with a warning – it is heavy on the rocks! It won’t be all isotopes, thermodynamics and phase diagrams (thankfully)! You will see many, many images of ore and host rock in hand specimens, core photos and outcrops in the presentations and lots of real world case studies from their joint experiences.

On the third important day Stuart and Greg will help participants improve their mineral identification skills using selected drill core at the NSW Govt Londonderry core facility and Greg’s lifetime of rock specimens. These materials cover alteration and mineralisation styles featured in the earlier two days of lectures by Greg and participants can examine many of the actual rocks used as photos in the lectures.

For more information download the course flyer here.

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