Official launch of Illawarra Heritage Trail website

  • By Colin Seaborn, AusIMM Illawarra Branch Committee member

After extensive work by the Mineral Heritage Subcommittee of the Illawarra Branch of the AusIMM, the Illawarra Heritage Trail website was officially launched by Leigh Colacino, Councillor of Wollongong City Council on Sunday April 10.

This launch took place at the historic Mount Kembla Hotel, which is located on the road to the currently operating Dendrobium coal mines and is also close to past coal mines in the region. The launch was part of the two day Mountain2Sea Festival which celebrated 200 years of Illawarra history. The site can be found at

The Illawarra Branch provided sponsorship for the development of the site which is expandable subject to further sponsorship. The BlueScope-WIN Network Community Partners program provided $5000 in sponsorship to include more sites. Other potential sponsors have shown interest in sponsoring additional historical sites.

Attendees at the launch included:

  • Chris Connor, Councillor and Chair of the Wollongong Bicentennial Committee
  • Tania Brown, Chair of Destination Wollongong
  • Steve Tonegato, State Operations Manager of Coal Services – Mines Rescue
  • Sandy Rae, Media Manager for Ports NSW who provided some photos of the launch event
  • Andy Hubscher and Graham Pryor, Chair and Secretary of the AusIMM Illawarra Branch Heritage Subcommittee
  • Ron Cairns, Project Manager and Geoff Kelly, Assistant Project Manager, Illawarra Heritage Trail
  • Rod Haselden, Ray Tolhurst and Colin Seaborn, Chair and Committee members of AusIMM Illawarra Branch. Ray Tolhurst also represented the BlueScope-WIN Network Community Partners program.


From left Geoff Kelly & Ron Cairns, project managers & Councillor Leigh Colacino at the Illawarra heritage trail launch
From left: Project managers Geoff Kelly and Ron Cairns, and Councillor Leigh Colacino at the launch.
Bruce Allan FAusIMM discussing CoalCliff mine and Cokeworks on the Illawarra Heritage Trail website.
Illawarra Heritage Trail launch books & photos display
Illawarra Heritage Trail launch books and photos display.
Illawarra Heritage Trail launch mining artefacts display.
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