Notes from the MetSoc Chair – February 2017

  • By Aidan Giblett

Hello and best wishes to you all for a happy and healthy 2017.

The wheels are well and truly turning again after our festive season downtime and I am looking forward to a strong year for the AusIMM Metallurgical Society as we continue to focus on providing professional development opportunities and resources for AusIMM members.

Following elections late last year we welcomed new MetSoc committee members Martin Ackland, Dean David, David Seaman, Bianca Newcombe, Chris Gianatti, Stuart Emery and Aleks Nikoloski. The new committee members bring a number of strengths and a diverse set of backgrounds to MetSoc and I expect all to make strong contributions over the next few years. At the same time we offer our thanks to David Pollard, Andrew Newell and Philip Stewart for their outstanding long-term contributions to MetSoc and welcome their transition to ex-officio roles supporting the elected committee through 2017 and ideally longer. David, Andrew and Philip have been leading a number of important initiatives for MetSoc and their continued participation in this capacity is invaluable.

You’ll find a number of good articles in this edition of the newsletter covering a range of areas of interest from plant operations, technical content, professional development activities and minerals education. Hopefully you find the content of interest and as always we welcome your feedback on the articles and any suggestions you have for content you would like to see.

Speaking of feedback I was able to sit down late last year and look through all of the excellent attendee responses we received from the webinars run in 2016. I can tell you we really appreciate the time attendees took to complete the short surveys and provide their comments. You’ll get some sense of that in the webinar summary article we’ve put together but I wanted to make special note of the suggestions we received regarding topics for future webinars. We are listening and will work to deliver on those suggestions as we plan for our 2017 and 2018 webinar programs.

I was interested to note a recent communication from the SME Minerals Processing Division (the US equivalent of MetSoc) which reported back the responses from a members survey, particularly that like us they were looking for direction from the members and seemingly getting similar feedback about what people want to see. Technical articles was a particularly strong theme as was ensuring strong technical content at conferences and supporting technical talks at regional branches. At the end of the day we can better service the members if we know what they want, and we will likely run a follow up survey to the one we did in 2014 to get more direction from you all.

In the meantime any and all comments are welcome at



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