Digital Disruption in Exploration Symposium

  • By AusIMM

Exploration for mineral, energy and water resources is facing disruption – driven by more complex geological targets, new commodities and new technologies.

The growing volume of high-quality data from disparate sources presents an enormous opportunity to develop new ways of collecting, interpreting and understanding geoscientific data.

CSIRO’s Digital Disruption in Exploration Symposium will bring together international and Australian experts from industry, government and academia for one week to examine the science drivers and disruptors that are changing the way we explore for resources. The symposium will consist of six sessions over three days, each addressing principal themes of current and future changes within the industry:

  • Science Drivers and Disruptors
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Technology
  • Transdisciplinary Science
  • Skills for the Future
  • Horizon 2040

The symposium begins with a one-day ‘Tech Tour’ and concludes with a day of workshops, including ‘Data Analytics and Machine Learning in Practice’ (focusing on geoscience applications) and an early- to mid-career researcher development workshop. The symposium will be held 22-26 October in Perth, Western Australia. For more information please see the symposium website (, or contact us at with any specific queries.

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