Digital content for MinSoc members

  • By AusIMM Mining Society

In its continual focus on how to best serve its members, the AusIMM is developing platforms for improved delivery of digital content.

Where historically options have been limited by issues such as bandwidth, the quality and method of delivery to most geographical locations has now increased considerably.  AusIMM currently delivers webinars, both live and recorded as well as recorded technical meetings and conference presentations. While AusIMM is developing more convenient platforms for access to digital content, we would like to highlight examples of digital content currently available to our MinSoc members.

Currently, digital content available to members includes text-based technical papers and journal articles, available free to members through OneMine, Taylor and Francis and the AusIMM Shop. The AusIMM Bulletin Online is also a great source of free technical and new content.

The AusIMM offers webinar and keynote video content available through online learning and also hosts a great archive of video recordings developed by the Perth Branch from 2005 to 2013.  These technical session recordings can be downloaded free of charge by members when logged in on the AusIMM site. These digital services offer a variety of options for immediate access to online video and text content.

AusIMM Digital Transformation

The AusIMM Digital Transformation project is underway, with a new website and better online experience to be launched in 2018. For more information visit

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