December 2018

Why did AusIMM update its brand?

  • By AusIMM

An overview of AusIMM’s more modern look

Our Future Directions strategy is a blueprint for AusIMM to be more contemporary and have a stronger external brand. Our recent brand update, launched at IMARC 2018, allows AusIMM to leverage off our existing brand equity while at the same time establishing a more modern look for the Institute.

All major corporations update their brand in order to remain relevant. The logo of the global petrochemical company Shell first appeared in 1900 as a black and white mussel shell, before becoming a drawing of a pecten (or scallop). The logo evolved through the 20th century to the now iconic red and yellow design in use today – the evolution keeping pace with design trends and aesthetics. Crucially, the logo is simple and instantly recognisable – hallmarks of good design. Similar stories of evolution can be found in corporations all over the world.

AusIMM’s new look also provides a more consistent and recognisable brand across all parts of AusIMM, including our Communities of Interest.

The new brand is easier to scale at a variety of sizes, a crucial consideration when our logo must be represented in sizes ranging from large conference displays to pocket-sized mobile devices. This problem was addressed by the introduction of the AusIMM brandmark. A brandmark is a design element such as a symbol or unique graphical element. Companies with iconic brandmarks include Apple, Nike and McDonalds. The brandmark is one element of the AusIMM logo, and can be used with or without the ‘AusIMM’ wording to support it. As our brand equity grows, the brandmark will be a powerful, visual symbol of AusIMM.

The AusIMM brandmark represents the coming together of a global community with clear purpose and direction. It represents the many facets of AusIMM, spanning across branches, student chapters, societies, networks and more. Above all, it is the foundation shield of the Royal Charter upon which we operate.

We are excited to be sharing our new branding with our members and supporters, and believe our fresh look is representative of AusIMM’s Future Directions.

For any questions relating to our new brand, including downloadable guidelines for using the brand in your Community of Interest material and events, visit

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