AusIMM Hong Kong Branch technical talk recap

  • By Benny Cha, Chair and Secretary, AusIMM Hong Kong Branch

The AusIMM Hong Kong Branch hosted a technical talk on 16 May 2017, presented by Professor Xiaoyong Yang, Director of the Research Centre of the School of Earth & Space Sciences, and the Director of the Research Center of Oil and Natural Gases, The University of Science and Technology of China (USTC).

The topic of the one-hour presentation was ‘The Study and exploration of BIF deposits in North China Craton.’ The event was attended by approximately ten people, with a mix of geoscientists and financial professionals who wanted to understand the technical aspects of iron ore deposits.

Professor Yang discussed the origins of banded iron formations (‘BIFs’) in general and did comparisons between deposits in Western Australia to many deposits in China. Specific details and insights were provided of various BIF formations in northern China with some interesting case studies of mining projects in the country. The presentation was heavily focused on geology with some discussions on the economic aspects of mining certain styles of BIFs.

There were a number of questions in the end, with some socialising over a coffee. Generally a pleasant evening with a technical focus.

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