AusIMM Geoscience Society Committee member profile: Dr Marcel Kamperman MAusIMM

  • By Marcel Kamperman MAusIMM

Born and raised in the Netherlands, my family migrated to Tasmania in 1979 when I was 16 years old.

marcel-kampermanThere I completed a science degree at the University of Tasmania (Hobart) in 1985, with a major in geology and chemistry. After spending six years working in the mining industry, I returned to university and graduated from the University of Tasmania with a PhD in geology in 1997.

I have continuously worked in the resources industry with some truly great companies for more than 30 years, and have filled both technical and general roles ranging from exploration through to mining, logistics and processing, as well as working as a consultant on core process redesign. My work has taken me from regional centres to capital cities both in Australia and overseas. One of the great benefits of working in the natural resources industry is being able to see the world.

Currently, I head up the Technical Services group for the Cliffs Natural Resources APIO business. The team of engineers, geologists, surveyors, metallurgists, chemists and laboratory personnel provides input into key strategic and tactical directions as well as daily operational support for the organisation.

I have a wonderful family that includes six grown-up children and two cats; my wife and I enjoy the parenting side but also enjoy travelling to far-flung places to get away from it all now and then.

On a professional level, I enjoy mentoring and teaching and, hopefully, in doing so help younger professionals develop to their true potential. On a corporate scale, I have a passion for facilitating organisations┬áto become better at what they do. I am a very strong advocate of fact-based management: my mantra is the age-old maxim that ‘well may we trust in God or similar, but for everything else we bring our data.’

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