AusIMM announces major partnership with Rio Tinto

  • By AusIMM

AusIMM is pleased to announce a major global partnership with Rio Tinto – one of the world’s leading resources companies.

The partnership was confirmed at a signing ceremony at AusIMM offices in Melbourne on Monday 12 February.

AusIMM is a member-based professional association that is celebrating our 125 year anniversary in 2018. Our history encompasses 125 years of technical excellence, upholding professional standards and bringing together highly-skilled professionals across the resources industry who work under a Code of Ethics.

The AusIMM is committed to helping professionals build their careers and be better leaders. This partnership provides Rio Tinto employees the opportunity for extensive professional development and recognition.

AusIMM’s flagship strategy is to be the Trusted Voice of all resources professionals. We are building our profile as a more inclusive organisation and working with employers of resources professionals, like Rio Tinto, in new and innovative ways.

AusIMM President Colin Moorhead said ‘This partnership aligns the strengths of the AusIMM in promoting professional and ethical excellence in the mining industry with the needs of Rio Tinto, one of the industry’s largest and most respected employers.’

The partnership provides a range of mutual benefits for both organisations. It will bring into the AusIMM a network of 500 new members from Rio Tinto, including 100 new Chartered Professionals – our highest standard of professional practice. Rio Tinto members will receive the same benefits as all other AusIMM members. The partnership also gives Rio Tinto’s staff access to AusIMM’s world-class technical publications and webinars.

The 500 Rio Tinto staff joining the AusIMM, and those looking to become chartered professionals, will need to meet the same eligibility criteria and undergo the same assessment process as all applicants.

The three-year partnership is designed to bring in more fully accredited members to the AusIMM network for the benefit of our entire membership. Expanding our membership will grow our professional community and raise the profile of all members operating under the AusIMM banner.

Read the media release of the announcement here.

For partnership queries, please email Melissa Holdsworth, General Manager Stakeholder Engagement and Partnerships via

Updated 16 February 2018

Feature image: AusIMM President Colin Moorhead with Rio Tinto Growth & Innovation group executive Stephen McIntosh.

Media gallery

AusIMM President Colin Moorhead speaks at the partnership launch on Monday 12 February.

AusIMM CEO Stephen Durkin, AusIMM President Colin Moorhead, Rio Tinto Growth & Innovation group executive Stephen McIntosh and Rio Tinto’s Brendan Howard at the partnership announcement.
AusIMM’s Melissa Holdsworth, AusIMM CEO Stephen Durkin, AusIMM’s Susan Greenbank, president Colin Moorhead, Rio Tinto Growth & Innovation group executive Stephen McIntosh, Rio Tinto’s Jacklyn Lodge, AusIMM’s Janenie Mohgan and Rio Tinto’s Brendan Howard.
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  • Keith Whitchurch
    15 Feb 2018 at 3.59pm

    The article is a bit short on details.
    I am hoping that when it refers to “it wil bring….500 new members.. “ etc it means that it’s 500 potential new members including 100 potential new cp all subject to the same applications and assessment procedures as any other applicant.

    • Stephen Durkin CEO AusIMM   •   15 Feb 2018 at 5.52pm

      Hi Keith,

      Thanks for your comment and your interest in the Rio Tinto partnership.

      I can confirm that the (500) Rio Tinto staff joining the AusIMM (and those looking to become chartered professionals) will go through the same application and assessment process as any member. I would also like to assure you that nothing is being offered to those Rio Tinto staff that become members, that is not available to all members of the AusIMM.

      I appreciate there could be some concern about a perception of us aligning with big business given AusIMM is very proud we are a long-standing member-based professional association. We are committed to represent the views of our members and the professional community they are a part of. The reality is that companies like Rio Tinto employ a lot of professionals that could and should be members and we are wanting to engage with them in new ways.

      The Board and AusIMM Management Team feel that the Rio announcement is a positive and exciting development for AusIMM.

      I would encourage any members with any specific questions or comments to email me directly on and I will do my best to respond.

  • Brett Duck
    13 Feb 2018 at 9.55pm

    As a member of some 49 years I am not impressed by this turn of events. I see more negatives than positives in this happening

    • Stephen Durkin CEO AusIMM   •   14 Feb 2018 at 11.34am

      Hi Brett,

      Thanks for your feedback. I acknowledge your perspective and appreciate your concern. I want to stress that AusIMM always has been, and always will be, a member-based professional association. This is important as it provides us with credibility and enables us to represent the views of our professional community rather than companies.

      The Board and Management of AusIMM are committed to growing our membership. This is important to ensure that we will be more effective as an organisation. We have thought carefully about how we do this and have developed a new strategy that we are now putting in place. The Board and Management believe that one way for us to grow our membership is by partnering with companies that employ the very professionals that we represent. In this way we will also increase AusIMM’s relevance and influence.

      I appreciate your concern about this particular part of the strategy, as it is a new direction for the AusIMM. We are being very careful in executing this to ensure that the needs of our members remain a key priority.

      Thanks for your comments and ongoing support.
      Stephen Durkin, CEO, AusIMM

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