June 2015

June 2015
The power of scenario planning
Smart thinking about possible futures can allow the industry to be prepared for uncertainty We live in a world that is increasingly interconnected and rapidly changing. New business models and disruptive technologies are creating new opportunities and threatening established businesses at a faster rate than ever. This is being driven in part by the globalisation of science and technology, as well as investment in research and development around the world. Emerging technologies are Read More
iron ore reclaimers
June 2015
Towards zero waste
Re-evaluating the traditional production cycle Materials produced from minerals are essential for society and will be essential during the transition to sustainability. What a sustainable world might be like is open to speculation, but it is hard to imagine any acceptable form in which mineral-based materials would not have an ongoing and important role. In the transition to sustainability, it will be necessary to progressively close the materials cycle in ways that reduce the demand for Read More
river in canada
June 2015
Post-closure management of mine sites in Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan's extensive mine closure regulations ensure ongoing trust between stakeholders Environmental practices and regulations have advanced significantly since Canadian mine operations were developed in the early 1900s, and they now cover all aspects from construction to closure. Similarly, most jurisdictions around the world now also require mining operations to prepare closure plans and to post financial assurances to cover the cost of closure from the time a mine is first Read More
people on underground mine tour
June 2015
Exploring new ideas in gold
The Melbourne Geology of Gold course has established a strong reputation for its exploration of new geological processes Melbourne Geology of Gold is arguably the world’s longest running full gold geology course. The aim has always been to combine lectures, practical classes and a field trip. The course draws on presenters who are leaders in international gold research with practical industry exploration and mine geology experiences. Some of the lectures provide the conventional Read More
open pit copper mine in Atacama desert, Chile
June 2015
A modular approach to modelling water flow and quality
An alternative method for constructing models that can be applied to a variety of situations - including modelling water flow Resource project planners are increasingly called upon to assess the long-term environmental and economic impacts of feasibility studies and for seeking regulatory approval. These assessments require the use of models to inform predictions of water flow and water quality and to identify potential changes to the systems over time. The traditional approach has been Read More
Drill rig in the Pilbara
June 2015
Innovations in electronic core orientation
The need to recognise the limitations of equipment and how best to manage these risks Drill core orientation is a fundamental process for obtaining orientation data from diamond drill holes (Davis, 2014). It is essential to the mining and resources sector because it attempts to mark and determine the orientation and position of the core while in the ground. A number of tools are spruiked by companies who purport to have devices that accurately define the original orientation of the Read More