August 2015

ore-dressing equipment
August 2015
Towards rapid energy productivity
Energy management remains a substantial source of business improvement and cost reduction value for the minerals sector The discipline of energy management is concerned with the efficient and effective use of energy to minimise costs and enhance competitive position (Capehart, Turner & Kennedy, 2008). It is broader than energy efficiency, in that energy management is primarily focused on sustained cost reduction. At its core energy management is therefore as much an economic discipline Read More
water sampling
August 2015
Water: from management to stewardship
Water management fast become one of the most significant issues facing the mining and metals industry In 2015, the World Economic Forum ranked water crises as the number one risk facing business and society. By 2030, global water requirements are projected to exceed sustainable water supplies by 40 per cent, placing decision makers under increasing pressure to make tough choices about water allocation that will impact users across the global economy (2030 Water Resources Group, 2012). The Read More
olympic dam ore
August 2015
Understanding mineral formation and processing
How the solution lies in hydrothermal fluids Over the last 15 years the Mineralogy Department of the South Australian (SA) Museum has become one of the powerhouses in fundamental research on the formation of ore minerals not only in Australia, but also across the world. Our research group explores the physics and chemistry of ore deposit formation, applying state-of-the-art experimental techniques to study the transport and deposition of metals and mineral-microbe-fluid interaction in Read More
kitumba underground model
August 2015
Zambia’s Kitumba copper project
A geotechnical assessment of sublevel caving The Kitumba Project, 200 km west northwest of the Zambian capital, Lusaka, is being evaluated by Intrepid Mines. Iron Oxide Copper Gold (IOCG) style mineralisation is interpreted and its geological setting displays similar characteristics to other IOCG deposits. The mining method selection for the project evolved from a broad assessment of open pit versus underground at scoping level, to a detailed assessment of sub-level open stoping with Read More
August 2015
Diesel exhaust and the underground miner in Western Australia
Examining and mitigating the risks to workers exposed to harmful emissions The global challenge of dealing with the health effects of exposure to diesel exhaust is wide-ranging and encompasses regional health authorities concerned about persons living and/or working in close proximity to freeways and major thoroughfares, as well as corporations employing personnel who work alongside diesel powered equipment. Whilst accepting evidence of such serious community concerns one wonders how much Read More
August 2015
The role of mine planning in high performance
A holistic approach to mine planning can create value and present opportunities for both new and existing projects Mine planning plays an often understated but nonetheless essential role in the achievement of high performance. By identifying the potential value in the given mineral resources, and providing a practical and realistic optimal strategy for extraction that considers all the material options and scenarios, a good mine planning process provides the foundation for high Read More