August 2017

Your revised Chartered Professional Program – on track and on time

  • By Janine Herzig FAusIMM(CP), on behalf of the Professional Accreditation Advisory Taskforce: Dave Clark FAusIMM(CP), Pamela Naidoo-Ameglio MAusIMM, Peter Hills FAusIMM(CP) and Chris Carr FAusIMM(CP)

The revised AusIMM Chartered Professional Program will provide increased recognition, governance and professional standing, enabling AusIMM CPs to be qualified, competent and current

The Professional Accreditation Advisory Taskforce (PAAT) is on track to deliver your enhanced AusIMM Chartered Professional Program (CPP) by 1 January 2018. The taskforce has completed an extensive review of the existing program, taking into consideration member feedback to date, and has identified opportunities to increase the value of the program for current and future Chartered Professionals (CPs). The proposed modifications have been approved by the AusIMM Board, and implementation of the revised program is underway. The current program continues to operate, but new CP applications are restricted to those who require accreditation for regulatory or employment reasons.

The improved CPP will have a greater focus on professionalism and technical excellence, through continuing professional development (CPD). Stakeholders will have access to external benchmarking, with greater assurance that evaluations and decisions made by AusIMM CPs are being conducted in a highly professional and competent manner. There will be greater rigour, with internal quality assurance audits to be conducted on assessments and logbook review processes, and well-defined procedures for appeals. Additionally, there will be a clearly defined process for existing CPs transitioning to the new CPP.

Feedback from members, Congress 2017 delegates and stakeholders has been incorporated into the new CPP, including the development of policies to address criteria for additional disciplines, and manage career breaks, less onerous professional development (PD) logging, reminders and auto-filling, and easy access to appropriate PD content utilising the latest technology platforms.

Call for CP Assessors

To facilitate the new CPP, the PAAT is seeking expressions of interest from current CPs (from all CP disciplines) who wish to become CP Assessors. The first round of applications will close on 31 August 2017, and training will commence soon thereafter and be ongoing as required. Being an Assessor affords a great opportunity for individuals to develop technical and professional skills and to provide highly valued support in effective CPP implementation.

Once trained, CP Assessors will undertake the evaluation of applications for the CPP and Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (BPEQ), conduct CPD logbook audits, and in rare circumstances Quality Assurance Audits. To be a CP Assessor you must be a current Member or Fellow of the AusIMM and a current CP (for a minimum of five years) in the discipline you are nominating for. You must also pass a PD review and meet various other criteria. If you are interested in participating or require further information about the process, please email

Introducing the new program coordinator

The PAAT is also pleased to introduce Emma Maslen, who joined AusIMM Services in May 2017 as the Accreditation Program Project Coordinator. Emma will manage the implementation phase of the reformed CPP in conjunction with the PAAT. She has experience with large educational organisations, including the University of Melbourne, Monash University and the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

Emma is skilled in policy development and implementation as well as program administration. These capabilities will aid successful CPP implementation, with robust and transparent regulations, guidelines, policies and processes. Emma’s strong communication and engagement skills will enable quality stakeholder consultation and ensure members are informed at all stages about the latest program developments.

Substantial progress has been made since Congress was held in April 2017. Forms and documents have been developed and trialled, the CP Regulations (revised By-Laws) are complete, training and re-training has commenced and stakeholder consultation is ongoing.

Company engagement

The PAAT has previously acknowledged and thanked those members, including current CPs, who have completed surveys and provided feedback, as well as Congress delegates, the CP Board and industry bodies.

An extensive engagement process with key stakeholders is continuing, with a focus on industry leaders and champions within mining companies and other industry employers to allow the enhanced CPP to deliver real value to organisations and provide an edge of differentiation to employees with CP accreditation.

The response rate to this engagement process has been excellent, providing the PAAT with invaluable information and reinforcing the importance of national and international recognition by employers and other industry bodies and jurisdictions.

To quote some specific feedback from the company engagement process:

  • the AusIMM should continue to run workshops or training programs adjacent to key conferences for minimal travel and work disruption costs
  • achieving and maintaining accreditation and PD facilitates enhanced awareness of capability and greater mindfulness for professionals in remaining current
  • indirect value also comes from motivation/engagement, corporate perception and knowledge validity
  • the business is better positioned for innovative thinking through accreditation
  • we prefer multidisciplinary PD events coupled together, over a lot of PD activities very narrowly focused on one discipline
  • the AusIMM should continue to provide the current level of service – conferences, publications, newsletters, networking opportunities and advocacy – on behalf of the industry and the members
  • AusIMM does an excellent job organising events, in particular technical ones, as well as those facilitated by the AusIMM Metallurgical Society and other specialty societies
  • the key is to offer quality career development training without significant cost to individuals.

Feedback and ideas are always welcomed via Further updates will be provided via email and future electronic and printed Bulletins. Comprehensive details on survey results, the ‘Vision, Purpose and Values’, past communications to members and the events leading to the CPP review can be found at

The taskforce would like to thank all members for your ongoing support towards creating a robust professional accreditation program for the AusIMM.

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