December 2017

The new AusIMM Chartered Professional Program launching January 2018

  • By Stephen Durkin MAusIMM, AUSIMM CEO and Janine Herzig FAusIMM(CP), AusIMM Board member and Professional Accreditation Advisory Taskforce member

AusIMM Chartered Professionals: Competent, current and qualified resource industry leaders

We are excited to announce the relaunch of the AusIMM Chartered Professional Program. The revised program will ensure a streamlined member experience and continued recognition of our Chartered members as leading professionals in the global resources sector. Chartered Professionals demonstrate an ongoing commitment to professionalism that is valued by employers, staff, clients, regulators and the community.

Formed in 1893 and incorporated under Royal Charter in 1955, the AusIMM remains the trusted voice of resources industry professionals. Holding a Royal Charter is a privilege provided to only a few organisations, and it adds trustworthiness and credibility to our organisation and to our professional members who meet the educational, experiential and currency criteria to be Chartered.

The value of Chartered accreditation is recognised by the general public across multiple professions. Chartered Professionals are trusted and recognised both for the dedication required to reach that level, and for the ongoing assurance of the highest standards of knowledge, leadership and conduct. With growing public scrutiny on professional best practice and where trust and confidence is hard to come by, being Chartered helps you stand out from the crowd.

Becoming an AusIMM Chartered Professional is a mark of excellence that will help open doors and give you a competitive advantage as your career progresses. In an increasingly regulated and competitive market, the importance of attaining Chartered status is growing. With more jurisdictions, including Australian states, already enforcing or considering the implementation of compulsory engineering accreditation and registration, becoming Chartered ensures you will be prepared for potential changes.

For employers, recruiting Chartered Professionals equips their organisations with a workforce that is professional, competent and current, thereby reducing their risk profile. Chartered Professionals are qualified, maintain their competency through ongoing professional development and, like all AusIMM members, are committed to abide by our Code of Ethics. Whether a major mining company, a junior explorer, or a specialised contractor, recognising and promoting this distinction can differentiate an organisation from their competitors, and provide a real incentive to attract and retain high performing staff.

The relaunched AusIMM Chartered Professional Program features improved systems and governance, making the process easier to navigate, while maintaining the standards that underpin the status. AusIMM offers resources industry specific, multi-disciplinary assessment and recognition. The growing understanding and recognition of Chartered programs in the Australasian and global markets means that there has never been a better time to become an AusIMM Chartered Professional. Holding Chartered credentials provides employers, regulators and the general public with increased trust, confidence and assurance of standards and professionalism.

What AusIMM’s new Chartered program offers:

  • User friendly, technology-enabled application and PD recording processes
  • Price competitive compared to other Chartered programs
  • Valued and respected program with a robust structure and governance

Why become a Chartered Professional?

  • Differentiate yourself; join other leaders to gain a competitive advantage in the workplace
  • Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to professionalism, professional standards, codes of practice and professional development; valued by employers and clients alike
  • Have your significant experience and leadership recognised
  • Comply with legislative requirements where required (eg Australian engineering registration and Canadian NI 43-101 reporting)

Why become Chartered with the AusIMM?

  • The only mining industry specific, multi-disciplinary registration and recognition
  • The employer’s choice
  • The AusIMM brand is respected and recognised globally


‘Being an AusIMM CP has helped my professional career. I joined before I migrated to Australia and am now a senior professional managing more than 45 other mining professionals. I always encourage promising young mining engineers and geologists to obtain AusIMM membership and ultimately become a CP. The program is on par with any other Chartered program, nationally and internationally, and the only one specifically for mining professionals in Australia.’

Chirantha Weerawardena MAusIMM(CP), Manager Operations Planning, Fortescue Metal Group – Cloudbreak Mine Operations


‘CP provides confidence to employers, investors, and industry peers as to the credentials of my technical discipline. This is particularly important for highly technical fields such as mine, where it can be difficult for non-practitioners to recognise such standards. To that end, the AusIMM Chartered Professional Program has enabled my professional status to be recognised throughout the global mining industry.’

Julian Matthew Watson MAusIMM(CP), Principal Geotechnical Engineer (Consultant), Petram Mechanica LLC (President and Owner)

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