Mollie Poulter – following in the footsteps of strong role models

  • By AusIMM

AusIMM is proud to partner with like-minded organisations sharing our commitment to support women in their careers. As part of our International Women’s Day Event Series, we’re showcasing inspiring stories from our sector, and initiatives that are making careers in mining a reality for women around the world.

Mollie Poulter.

Newcrest’s Mollie Poulter grew up with a strong influence from her parents for science and engineering. She felt the support of her family from a young age. ‘I was never made to feel as if I couldn’t do anything just because I was a girl,’ she says.

‘I was never made to feel as if I couldn’t do anything just because I was a girl.’

Mollie Poulter

She was particularly proud of her mother, who completed her PhD while raising two young children, a remarkable feat that left a lasting impression on Mollie. ‘I’ve always had strong female role models in my life, which I’m very grateful for.’

Mollie’s love for maths and science in school led to her studying mining engineering at university, and she is now working with Newcrest as an underground geotechnical engineer. Instead of being intimidated by the male-dominated field, Mollie took the challenge in her stride. ‘I’m very competitive…I wanted to prove I could do whatever I put my mind to, and I worked hard to achieve it.’

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