Fosterville Gender and Diversity Inclusiveness initiative

  • By AusIMM

AusIMM is proud to partner with like-minded organisations sharing our commitment to support women in their careers. As part of our International Women’s Day Event Series, we’re showcasing inspiring stories from our sector, and initiatives that are making careers in mining a reality for women around the world.

Kirkland Lake Gold has spearheaded a Gender and Diversity Inclusiveness initiative at their Fosterville gold mine in Victoria, embracing the opportunity to respond to the changing nature of their workforce.

Human Resources Manager Nikki Hartrey said the program represented a great opportunity for Kirkland Lake Gold’s employees and the overall business. ‘We believe by doing this we will improve our culture and cognitive diversity and become a stronger, more successful and more sustainable business.’

The initiative introduced a working group to focus on issues influencing gender equity in the workplace. The group has representatives from every part of the business and provides feedback on how particular issues impact their groups.

‘Embracing diversity and inclusion doesn’t just benefit those that are in the targeted groups. It makes it a better place for everyone.’

Nikki Hartrey

The program also reviewed the mine’s parental support approach and introduced dedicated parent’s space, while working with the Australian Breastfeeding Association to have its spaces accredited. Employee feedback around the introduction of the parent’s facilities is positive, an encouraging sign for Nikki. ‘Ultimately, we just want to be a great place to work!’

While Kirkland Lake Gold is still in the early stages of forming their broader measures for tracking success, the working group will continue to develop these and report quarterly. While the program is making impact, Nikki says there’s still plenty of work to be done. ‘We are on the way but there’s still a journey ahead, not only challenging the stereotypes but challenging our own personal perceptions and norms.’

The program has also had a focus on increasing the opportunities for Kirkland Lake Gold’s teams to attend events like AusIMM’s IWD series and show support for gender diversity. The whole-of-team approach has been crucial to the success of the program to date. ‘Embracing diversity and inclusion doesn’t just benefit those that are in the targeted groups. It makes it a better place for everyone.’

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