August 2018

AusIMM Trusted Voice update

  • By Brigid Meney, Senior Adviser, Policy and Media, AusIMM

AusIMM’s Future Directions strategy sets out our plan to re-establish the AusIMM to be a more contemporary, financially sustainable organisation with a stronger external profile. The strategy is underpinned by five key growth initiatives. These key initiatives were initially informed by feedback from Congress 2017, and since that time have been shaped into our Future Directions strategy.

One of the initiatives is for AusIMM to be the Trusted Voice of resources professionals. AusIMM is developing our profile as the Trusted Voice through more targeted policy work and stronger connections with industry, government, universities and the media.

This article provides an overview on our Trusted Voice strategy to date, including key engagement metrics and areas of focus.

Social media

Increasing AusIMM’s social media presence was laid out as a priority for the Trusted Voice initiative. Our social media profile has gone from strength to strength since this time last year. Not only have our followers increased dramatically across all platforms, but engagement (eg comments, likes and shares) across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has soared.

This is evident by the online attention that AusIMM’s recent Lithium 2018 conference received, with registrations for the Perth conference selling out (189 registrations) and conference-related posts reaching a wide audience of nearly 50,000 people.

The AusIMM expects social media engagement to continue to grow as we develop and implement our social media guidelines and strategy, which is currently in its final stages.

AusIMM media exposure, Q2 2017-Q2 2018.


News media

Youth Insight AusIMM research

The AusIMM has garnered significant attention over our recent collaborative project with METS Ignited and the Minerals Council of Australia looking at perceptions about mining among youth. The AusIMM and the results of the survey made news in Australian Mining and, and there has been considerable industry interest since the results were launched in May. You can read the results of Stage 1 of the research here and Stage 2 of this research is now underway.

2018 International Uranium conference

With the success of the AusIMM 2018 International Uranium conference in Adelaide, AusIMM put out a media release to reaffirm its support for the industry expertise in this field. You can view the media release here and the conference was covered in

Uranium 2018 conference: Martin Ralph, Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety; Graham Cobby, Western Australian Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety; Sam Walker, SA Department of Premier and Cabinet; Rebecca Mouthaan, Department of Industry,

Lithium 2018 conference

The AusIMM Lithium conference garnered attention from mainstream media in Perth, leading to an interview on lithium, the opportunities it provides and the AusIMM conference on ABC Perth Breakfast Radio. Many thanks to Dr Chris Grant MAusIMM from the conference for participating in this interview.

Lithium 2018 conference: AusIMM Directors Alex Atkins and Chris Davis, the Honourable Kim Beazley AC, Murdoch University Chancellor David Flanagan AM and Vice-Chancellor Eeva Leinonen.


Policy positions

The AusIMM is already successfully tackling some of the industry’s big issues head-on, with initiatives such as our Thought Leadership Series discussing the future of the sector and its professionals.

The aim is to make our six Advocacy Priorities the established remit of the AusIMM’s policy efforts, ensuring that our contribution is relevant and informed by our members’ long-standing experience.

The AusIMM is in the process of evaluating several proposed policy positions, which it hopes will form the basis of future policy work. Approaching policy activities under the broader umbrella of the ‘Trusted Voice’, we will position ourselves to focus efforts on advocacy initiatives that are the most relevant to our members and will have the greatest impact.

AusIMM are looking at ways to maximise the impact of our policy positions through aligning messaging and developing tools for members and committees to help disseminate agreed positions, ensuring that positions can be effectively established and advocated for in the broader public.

This new structure is already being put to work with the development of a Diversity and Inclusion Policy, being overseen by the Council for Diversity and Inclusion.

AusIMM Education Taskforce

Based on feedback from the 2018 AusIMM Congress, we are establishing an Education Taskforce to drive overall strategy initiatives that will operate under the guidance of the existing Policy and Advocacy Committee.

The Education Taskforce is in its early stages of development as we define key priorities and goals.

Policy submissions

The AusIMM, working with our Policy and Advocacy Committee and Health and Safety Society, drafted a submission to the Senate Inquiry  into the framework  surrounding  the  prevention,  investigation  and  prosecution  of industrial deaths in Australia. You can read the AusIMM submission publicly on the Australian Parliament House public page.

The AusIMM is working closely with New Zealand members on a response to draft changes to legislation that would see no new mining on conservation land and the significant impact this may have on mining operations and employment in the country. This submission is expected to be completed by late September with adequate opportunity to be provided for local branch input.

Following wide member interest, the AusIMM has produced a brief paper on the value of certificates of competency, given recent moves by industry groups advocating for requirements to be watered down. AusIMM is committed to the highest standards of health and safety requirements, and this paper is available on the AusIMM website.

Government relations

Recently AusIMM CEO Stephen Durkin and Senior Adviser for Policy and Strategy, Brigid Meney, met with the Chair of the Federal Government’s Resources 2030 Taskforce to build on the AusIMM relationship with the Australian government and express AusIMM positions on resources into the future. This was a productive meeting in which AusIMM were invited to provide a high-level private submission to the Taskforce, which has been completed. For a copy of this submission email

Stephen Durkin also attended a federal government roundtable with top industry stakeholders to discuss the future of resources and how the government could provide tangible support to the industry. Stephen Durkin later met with Minister for Resources The Hon Matt Canavan to briefly discuss the direction and position of the AusIMM.

AusIMM have been working on its connections with state government stakeholders, meeting with the relevant Victorian departments about the government’s future resource strategy. The Victorian Government will be putting together a blueprint for the future of the industry into the next five years, and AusIMM have been providing sector advice and feedback during this process.

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