December 2018

AusIMM and AICD collaborate on the Director Pipeline Program

  • By AusIMM

In a joint partnership with the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), AusIMM was thrilled to offer three scholarships to senior female executive AusIMM members from Western Australia to participate in the Director Pipeline Program in 2018.

The Director Pipeline Program (DPP), an exclusive program to Western Australia, delivers a series of events, workshops, and education programs that help senior professional women expand their networks, develop their skills and raise their profiles within the director community. The AICD is the nation’s leading organisation for directors and leaders, dedicated to making a positive impact on society and the economy by promoting professional director education and excellence in governance.

The collaboration was a great success, and with AusIMM committed to building diversity and inclusion in the resources sector, this initiative specifically supports women in leadership roles who want to pursue non-executive director positions.

What our participants said…

Catherine Galli MAusIMM

I enjoyed the program immensely and gained insight into other sectors and aspects of industry governance and directorship. This included what experienced and reputable directors are thinking about the current challenges and perspectives of our dynamic and diverse market place. I learned much about risk, influence, decision making, and conveying a message.

This program and partnership with AusIMM helped focus career priorities, encourage my passion for working in the sector and illustrated the potential application of experience across a range of sectors.

The five-day course was most enjoyable, there is much to be gained from being in a room of people participating in the program.  I was particularly appreciative of the effort by lecturers of the course – Tony Adcock, Ian Hobson and Peter Fitzpatrick and look forward to a continued networking relationship.

Getting through the study work and assignments was tough with a work schedule involving international travel and the pressure of due diligence projects. The support from the AICD team made all the difference with special thanks to Orla Fitzgerald, Rachel Heath and Jody Nunn. Leanne Cretney Barnes’ on her ‘Building Your Board Room Brand’ course was particularly impressionable. Thanks very much to AusIMM and AICD.

Sophie Hancock MAusIMM

Following my onboarding into the DPP in February, I have experienced a profound mindset shift, resulting in me being able to more clearly set myself a board career objective. The objective I refined was to seek a not-for-profit geoscience/education board role as a way to give back as a professional volunteer but in a strategic and technical capacity.

Developing this objective enabled me to identify two opportunities, one of which I selected and pursued. The other opportunity seemed unfeasible from a time commitment stance at this stage of my life as a working mother with a one-year-old child and a fly in, fly out partner who works away 16 days per month.

In May 2018 I was nominated and elected as a Board Director for Earth Science Western Australia (ESWA). This was excellent timing, as it gave me the opportunity to sit in on two board meetings prior to my completing the DPP in Q3 2018.

I would like to offer warm and sincere thanks to the leadership teams at AusIMM and AICD. This investment has already delivered well beyond my expectations.

Sarah Greer MAusIMM(CP)

I have had a fantastic experience through both the DPP and completing the Company Director Course.

Having had informal board experience in the past, it has been a real eye opener as to how much I had to learn. From how to position myself and my profile for a board position, to understanding the practicalities of being on a board. The Company Director Course raises the bar high for qualification, and I loved the detailed learning. I am currently in the process of completing my exams and assignments, and it is a great place to put the theory into practice.

The highlight for me of the DPP has been meeting like-minded women from all industries. We have a strong group of women who still catch up regularly. It has also been fantastic to meet a number of high-profile mining executives and board members during the DPP events. 

In the second half of this year, I have started a new role and have not been able to actively look for a board position as yet. I have realised on this journey that any board position I look for must be related to something I am passionate about. Professional development, STEM education forall, and the mining industry are all things I have a passion for. In fact I have been in touch with AusIMM about opportunities within the Perth Branch.

Thank you to AusIMM for this fantastic opportunity!

AusIMM Diversity and Inclusion

AusIMM is committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for professionals of all backgrounds, and in 2018 we established our Council for Diversity and Inclusion to ensure the equality of opportunity for all members of the sector regardless of race, ethnicity, heritage, gender, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status.

This initiative is just one example of a range of different initiatives from the Council. This program specifically supports the development of women in leadership positions, particularly non-executive director roles. For more information on AusIMM’s Council for Diversity and Inclusion visit

Feature image: L-R: Sarah Greer, Alex Atkins, Catherine Galli, Sophie Hancock and Caroline Lewis.

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